Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Now available on Spindles Records & Tapes

Today we're not going to discuss Hope Springs, the silly new drama from the people who brought you silly old dramas Footballers' Wives and Bad Girls, in which Alex Kingston putting on her best Mockeny accent, is holed up in a dilapidated hotel in the wilds of Scotland with three pals, while quirky villagers try to conceal their darkest secrets. No, because it's pish, that's why.

Neither are we going to talk about the final of Ashes To Ashes, which - and here's the big twist - finds Alex in a coma in 1982! Why not? Because I rather enjoyed this series and there's not much more to be said. Looking forward to series three already.

So instead, let's get back to those CDs I was mentioning a few weeks back. Here's the latest. It's a collection of hard-to-find hits from the Seventies, available on CD for the very first time (that I know of).

And it's called:

Hard-To-Find Hits From the Seventies Vol.1

1. Who Pays The Ferryman?/Yanis Markopoulous
2. It Takes Two To Tango/Richard Myhill
3. Sugar Me/Lynsey De Paul
4. Footsee/Wigan's Chosen Few
5. You Just Might See Me Cry/Our Kid
6. Automatic Lover/Dee Dee Jackson
7. Little Does She Know/Kursaal Flyers
8. Seagull/Rainbow Cottage
9. Skiing In The Snow/Wigan's Ovation
10. El Bimbo/Bimbo Jet
11. Pepper Box/The Peppers
12. Also Sprach Zarathrustra/Deodato
13. A Touch Of Velvet - A Sting Of Brass/Ron Grainer Orchestra
14. If You Go Away/Terry Jacks
15. Saint Saens/B A Robertson
16. Doctor's Orders/Sunny
17. OK?/Rock Follies
18. Eye Level/Simon Park Orchestra
19. Drummer Man/Tonight
20. Go (Before You Break My Heart)/Gigliola Cinquetti
21. A Little Love And Understanding/Gilbert Becaud


Ishouldbeworking said...

Richard Myhill's record was the very first square 7" single, you know.

A load of us were bunking off in Oxford Street in 1979 when we saw him walking towards us, in a floor-length fur coat. We screamed at him. It was the least we could do.

A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

Ah, so after your rant about how Ashes to Ashes was "all wrong" and a "shameless cash-in" at the start of the series, you got sucked in anyway? That's entertainment!

I remember having "Automatic Lover" on a mix tape during my student years. I must have taped it off the radio, since I certainly never owned a copy. I don't think I've actually heard it anywhere for a good fifteen years, though.

Matthew Rudd said...

Kursaal Flyers are on the Fantastic 70s compilation which was heavily advertised a few years ago.

Roman Empress said...

I computed the about turn too Kitten. Could it be because it was an excellent series? Is there something about Ray?

Planet Mondo said...

The Deodato cover is a properly funky number - I posted Pepper Box a few weeks back on the PM blog, you can grab it here if you want

Does Vol 2 include

The Pipkins - Gimmee Dat Ding
Lalo Schifrin - Jaws
Paul Evans - Hello, This Is Joannie
Driver 67 - Car 67
Meri Wilson - Telephone Man
Mike Nesmith - Rio
City Boy - 5705
Linda Lewis - Rock And Roller Coaster
Billy Howard's - King Of The Cops
La Belle Epoque - Black Is Black
Sally Oldfield - Mirrors

Seventies comps by law must contain at least one novelty com-song and a theme tune

Five-Centres said...

THanks PM. All of those you mention except Joanie and King Of The Cops are available on CD. There's little that isn't which make having a holy grail so much more fun.

The about turn re Ashes, Kitten and RE, is that it turned out to be really good. I like Keeley Hawes, a lot. Gene Hunt's toned it down too, which is good.

Stuart Ian Burns said...

Wow, and I thought Alex had returned to the future but was hellicinating. Now that you say that ...

Cocktails said...

I've got Sugar Me on CD. It's on this top Australian compil - http://www.discogs.com/Various-Living-In-The-70s-Volume-II/release/1164727

Sadly deleted I'm afraid.

Cocktails said...

Actually, can put it up as an mp3 later in the week if you want a non-vinyl copy. Let me know.

Five-Centres said...

Please do Cocktails, as all that available on itunes is some rubbish re-recordings, and no one wants these things updated.