Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me

If you're a regular poster on any internet forum, then you'll notice how quickly things can get out of hand on . It's all about opinion isn't it, and once you get to a certain age, you listen to other people's opinions and although you may not agree with them it's unlikely you'll want to invite them outside, take huge offence or have a blowsy, flouncy sulk.

But it happens all the time on places like The Word. People are awfully over-sensitive and actually do that 14-year-old boy thing where if you don't like the band they like then you're plain wrong, end of story, then subject you to a vicious attack. And if you're vaguely rude about someone or something they get all offended on someone else's behalf and lay into you, even though they've accused you of doing the same thing. People are way to nice. Still, it makes it all much more fun.

This blog is perhaps being discovered by people who have never seen it before. Already they're gasping in fury. Well, that's the F-C style, I'm afraid. Ranting, impatient, boiling over with indignation and just plain rude. If you take easy offence, do not read. If I don't like something or someone, I'll say so.

Anyway, forget all this why-can't-we-all-just-get-along stuff. Let's have lively debate and disagree on things. If we all liked the same thing life would be duller than it already is.


Matthew Rudd said...

I should have fallen out with you years ago because you don't like Richard Allinson, but I like you way too much for that.

You're right, of course. The two forums I frequent the most are both by grown-ups for grown-ups and any element of adolescent tantrum is quickly stamped upon. To be honest, all you need are good moderators who are prepared to warn and then ban people. They soon learn.

Matthew Rudd said...

I should add that I meant moderators for a public forum, not a blog. Thanks.

Ishouldbeworking said...

My idea of hell is to be locked in a room with a load of people blandly agreeing with each other. And please don't say you agree with me on that one.

Bright Ambassador said...

That's why I rarely post on The Word forum, even though I read it regularly. Look at the other week when that bloke went mardy because 'someone at Word hates Red Dwarf'. Jesus, get over yourself.

Having said that, Rush forums are a hotbed of intrigue. I've given up on those though, British people really don't show themselves up to well.

Richard Allinson's blandness personified, by the way.

Ben B said...

Hi, Ben here, the person who spoke up on TVC and certainly not "gasping with fury" however your ego would like to believe.

Once again, the point I was making is that whilst I wasn't a fan personally of said article (and in fairness, I've read your blog on and off for quite a while now and generally found it more enjoyable than not) it comes under someone else's banner and a highly respected long running site at that.

Also: lively debate is all well and good but you certainly didnt enter into that with me, merely posting a huffy "I'll write what I like thank you" response.

Ok I love you cheers bye Freewill is the best rock song of the 80s thanks ta-ra byeeeee.