Monday, July 20, 2009

John Lewis reports 300% increase in bow tie sales

Here's the picture. You can see the headline. I wonder what this combo will be like? They're both so young that Doctor Who is more of a kid's show than ever, but they do look quite good together. Like Sue Perkins and Giles Coren it's all in the chemistry.

Talking of which, I've been watching the new Magpie DVD that came out recently. Why do people insist with this myth that Blue Peter was middle class and Magpie wasn't? Because from what I can see, there's nothing more commuter belt than this.

It's incredibly London-centric for a start, and the presenters are what these days would have the chip on shoulder brigade frothing at the mouth for being far too posh. The first episode sees the introduction of poor man's David Essex and former object of desire for a young Mrs F-C, Mick Robertson. He's described as looking like Marc Bolan, except he's about five feet taller and looks nothing like him whatsoever. It's the corkscrew hair and that's where it ends. He's clearly horrified to have to introduce himself over a bunch of old family photos and dries up slightly, but whereas I was always under the illusion that he was the boy from nowhere, there's no one more middle class than Mick and chums.

And as for the magazine items they feature, they make Blue Peter look like Network 7. Trips up the waterways of Britain - actually west London (a whole show on this), shire horse shows and the like. God it's dull, I can barely get through it.

I think the whole Magpie was trendier thing came from the fact that it has a shouty theme tune and animated credits and it was on ITV. Admittedly there wasn't a John Noakes type in sight, everyone was in flares and Jason King scarves, but because it was on ITV which at the time was still considered a bit common in some households (not ours, amazingly), it was therefore a programme for the people.

What tosh. It's dull as ditchwater. That's why I preferred Blue Peter and why BP lives on.


Planet Mondo said...

I tried Magpie and wanted to like - but it never really clicked for me. Mick was always more Brian May than Bolan I thought.

Great theme though. It's the Spencer Davis Group in disguise isn't it. I've got an MP3 somewhere if you fancy..

Pssst have you seen this - trust me you'll love it! Grab it while you can - the first release sold out in crazy time and was selling for silly money on the 'bay. This is the reissued expanded edition (66 tracks) and is sure to shift just as speedily..I've just ordered a copy and there's one left on their site.

Ishouldbeworking said...

I couldn't really warm to Magpie. It always felt like they were trying too hard, plus they always asked for cold hard cash at Christmas, not milk bottle tops or used plasters like Blue Peter.

I WAS grudgingly impressed when they inexplicably got Lene Lovich on, though. Still can't imagine how the hell that happened.

Matthew Rudd said...

Jenny Hanley though, eh? Eh?

Five-Centres said...

Thanks PM, I went straight on and bought that. Though I have a few, I'm most thrilled with Farmhouse Kitchen and Teddy Edward. Thanks for the tip. I have the Magpie theme (by the Murgatroyd Band) on a Magpie themed CD, which is good for it's inclusion of the theme to Ace Of Wands.

Jenny Hanley never really did it for and still doesn't. I preferred Tina Heath and Maggie Henderson.

Lene Lovich is a coup. I only remember Blue Peter having the Glitter Band on doing Angel Face.

Valentine Suicide said...

I never liked it either, and can't really recall it, apart from His Nibb's hair. In my memory, it's inexplicably linked with 'How'. BP, whilst better, was also pretty dull.

Planet Mondo said...

Anything with the Mary Mungo and Midge theme and incidental music has got to be a goer..

On a similar theme have you checked out Soundhog's Mix 90 series. Genius! here's the blurb
"A set of 90 minute mixes (split into 45 minute sides ). Pop, rock, psych, kraut, electronic, library, easy, jazz, TV themes, old adverts "

Yours for free and available here...

Mix 3 is non-stop and includes the full Not The Nine O'Clock News theme.

Chris Hughes said...

I've mentioned this elsewhere before, but a couple of years ago, I got to see an edition of Magpie from 1980.

Halfway through, Tommy Boyd turns to camera and declares, "Well, as it's half-term, why not give old mum a hand and go and tidy up your bedroom?" Anyone who gives it the old 'Magpipe was cool while Blue Peter was middle-class" should be made to watch that bit. On a loop.

I liked CBTV though. That was actually what Magpie should have been like.