Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last post - and it's a rant

[caption id="attachment_12779" align="alignnone" width="235" caption="Not a good look, Tony"]Not a good look, Tony[/caption]

It's pouring with rain today, but that doesn't stop the shorts and t-shirts brigade. They're out in force as usual.

Don't they ever look at a weather forecast? There's this bizarre default setting that says because it's a summer month they must therefore wear only t-shirts, shorts (or silly, stubby mid-calf length trousers) and flip-flops. Who cares if it rains, eh? As I've said many times before - and if you're about to get offended don't bother - flip flops are not proper footwear. For men. In cities. On the beach perhaps, but not in the High Road. Not only do they look ridiculous, but they make your feet really dirty and if you catch them on something they bend back and really hurt, not to mention the bar between the big toe that rubs. But that's your look out I suppose. Don't say I don't think of you.

I'm not mad on mandals (that's the male sandal for those who are scratching their heads) either, and you'll not find me in them, ever. I only wear shorts around a pool, in the garden or on the beach, but seeing as I've not been to a beach since 2002 don't look for me. I won't wear them in public.

I object to short-wearers at work too, but I particularly object the singlet in the workplace. Unless it's a building site it's not right, and that goes for cap-sleeve t-shirts, tank tops and anything else that exposes nasty armpits. Be modest, keep it under wraps and only get it out where appropriate.

Anyhoo, today is 40 years since they landed on the moon. I remember being woken up to see it and being brought downstairs to sit in front of the fuzzy telly all those years ago. I was vaguely aware what was going on - I was four years old so I'd actually heard of the moon, and having men on it didn't seem so fanciful. So that's a nice memory to have.

Tonight we should all watch that wonderful Aussie classic with the top notch soundtrack The Dish, if we really want to be moved by the occasion.

I've successfully managed to post over on TVCream.co.uk today, so I shall be posting their under the guest blogs bit from now on. Already people don't get me, so we'll see how long I last. Do come though.


Clair said...

I wore shorts to the office yesterday (short ones) but only because only three people come in on a Monday and nobody who can tell me off.

Five-Centres said...

It's okay on women. It's men who should think twice.

rockmother said...

I totally agree on mandals - not greeat.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Men's feet should be banned.