Monday, August 24, 2009

(Instant) Whip In My Valise

I was both surprised and thrilled on Saturday night when, at a dinner party, the hosts served Angel Delight.

But with a twist.

It was a sideways look at Angel Deilght, if you like. It was three flavours layered in a one of those V-shaped Martini glasses. It all stems from a conversation we had about it, in which the host told me it was a single dad's way of showing four children he cared. I thought it would be impossible to layer such a thing but forgot all about it. Mein host proved the point. It was treat and a triumph.

I used to love Angel Delight as a child, always on the look out for those pockets of powder that didn't quite mix in, which were an added bonus. My favourite was Butterscotch, which was included in Saturday's offering, layered along with chocolate and Strawberry. I used to be a big fan of peach, too. I wasn't even aware they still made it, but I'm very glad they do.

We always had it at home, probably about once a week, and often with bananas chopped up in it, though it was better on its own. Grandma always used to get Instant Whip, definitely the poor man's Angel Delight and no longer available. My other grandma eschewed faux mousses in favour of milk puddings, usually Symington's Table Creams. I loved the thick milky skin on the top. These I think you can still buy, but they're rare and I don't think of them.

I'm a blancmange fan too, though when my mum made one for me on my 30th birthday in the shape of a rabbit, my brother, who's not mad about stepping out of the limelight, ripped it apart with his bare hands. Of course, we laugh about it now...

I like anything along the lines of junket, mousse, syllabub or set cream, but have never been a fan of rice puddings, crumbles or tapioca. Everyone thinks everyone likes rice pudding and Mrs F-C is only person I know who shares my distaste. It was meant to be.

Recently we went to a restaurant where they served lime and lavender creams, and they was fantastic. I see they pop up on menus more and more now. I sense the return of the soft centre to the chocolate box too.

But anyway, what about you? Arctic Roll? Supermousse? Block of Neapolitan ice cream? Dessert Farms Grapefruit Drinking Yoghurt? A smacked bottom and straight to bed?

Do tell.


office pest said...

Good Morning Five-Centres. In no particular order my 5 a day would be:

Chocolate Angel Delight

Carmel caramel pudding

Lemon Meringue, box recipe, easy on the crust though.

Bird's Custard - from powder mind you - either hot or frozen

Ambrosia Creamed Rice

Ishouldbeworking said...

I'd like a big slice of Green's Cheesecake (the great dessert you don't have to bake) and a dollop of peach Angel Delight on the side, with a single Iced Gem concealed inside that.

And maybe a tiny sprinkling of angelica, so I could finally find out what it is.

Simon said...

It never occurred to me until now, but I guess the reason I haven't had an angel delight since I was about 13 was that being the same time my brother developed a milk intolerancy. I think I'll have to buy a packet on the way home tonight and rev up the memory. 35 years of missed enjoyment - I wonder if I'll still like them.

Simon said...

Er, make that 25 years! I don't want to age myself prematurely - if nothing else I'd miss out on ten years of birthday presents.

Steve said...

Angel Delight was the stuff of a madman's dream to our poor, Charlie Bucket-style household.

Instant Whip bought in bulk from Kwik-Save was the order of the day (it was just watery blancmange, really, wasn't it?). Mere mention of the stuff makes me roar with nostalgic pain, 'cos it was clearly considered by my mum to be some sort of luxury. However, the only thing I recall, other than the Shaker Maker-like consistency, is the fact that during extended periods of ear infection, Instant Whip was used to smuggle penicillin tablets into my diet.

They suckered me once, my parents, but never again, I can assure you.

Planet Mondo said...

I used to love Butterscotch Angel Delight. Another fave, was a desert of a similar texture. Can't remember the name, but it was sold ready made in serves one individual pots. Once the lid was peeled off it had pointy Mr Whippy/Iced Gem type points across the top that always left residual marks on the pot lid. It came in two flavours - orange and lemon - and one other.

Nice Ants reference too. Did you know The Tremeloes do a very funky number called Insant Whip

Five-Centres said...

I sense a Proustian rush for us all, here. And now in our adult lives we don't even think to look and see if it's there.

Next time I'm supermarket shopping, I'm making a beeline for the instant dessert aisle.

Clair said...

That header made me laugh...

I still occasionally make a packet blancmange; lovely. They no longer sell Miss Muffet junket, though.

Anonymous said...

Good post, Jon, though why the fixation with writing about sugary foodstuffs since returning from TV Cream? Fizzy drinks, cereal, biscuits, instant whip... you on another diet or something?

A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

Banana Angel Delight was my childhood favourite. My mum always put it in trifles, instead of the custard layer: yummy.

For a while they did a white chocolate flavour in my student years, which I'm now rather hankering after, but it doesn't seem to be available any more. Darn.

Who said...

I'm sure I'm the only person who remembers a 'self-saucing' pudding mix in a box from the 80's, stirred up with an egg and a sachet of sauce (lemon, apple and syrup were favourites) and baked into a glorious E-number nightmare. It might have been called Saucy Sponge. Ah, them good old days!

Five-Centres said...

Hmmm trifles, that's another thread.

And yes, anon, I am always on a diet. You know me, you can see why.

Five-Centres said...

Yes, I remember the saucy sponge, in fact I can still taste it. Very cake mixy, and really quite delicious.

BPP said...

I liked the butterscotch one the best. Aaah, naming things off of the old days ...

Ford Cortina
Kenwood Chef
Wham Bars
Jimmy Savile
Panda Pops
Kevin Keagan
Space Hoppers
Flared Trousers
The Yorkshire Ripper


Clair said...

I thought you were looking rather slim the last time we met, F-C.

Once I hit 60, I plan to eat anything I want, balloon to 23 stone and die within six months of a pork pie-induced pulmonary infarction.

Five-Centres said...

What a way to go, Clair. I'll join you.

Anonymous said...

Chopper Bikes
Thatcher the milk snatcher
Black Forest Gateau
Emlyn Hughes

BPP's right. Naming things off t'old days is great!


Martina said...

Fray Bentos pies
Donny Osmond
The Banana Splits
Pound notes
Party lines

I, too, love naming things off of the old days

Five-Centres said...

Ha, ha, what fun!

If you think it's dumb and dull, don't read it.

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