Friday, August 28, 2009

Things I Have Learned This Week

It's been a bit quiet here this week. I'm feeling a bit grim today, I hope it's not swine flu. Anyway, it's bank holiday weekend, so let's get on with it.

1. Never take being able to walk for granted. Did I mention I had three long-standing verrucas? Well, the good news is they've gone now, but I had to lose an entire layer of skin off the sole and heel of my foot to get there, and I can't tell you a) how painful that was; and b) how debilitating it is not be able to walk at your usual pace. But I'm pleased to announce that today is the first day in about eight months that I felt I can actually walk properly again. So good for me.

2. There are people who read this blog who clearly do not like me. To them, I ask: if that's the case, why do you come? And can the person who keeps slipping my real name into reply posts please stop. You hide behind your anonymity, so why can't I?

3. Interferon's Get Out Of London is such a great song. It was heavily promoted back when it was released in 83(?), but not once did I ever hear it on the radio, and it's never turned up on CD or any charity shop in all the years I've been record hunting. So I was thrilled when I finally managed to track it down on some US 'new wave' compilation, and it rocks. Love the Intercity train noises in it, too. Also pleased to have tracked Reparata's Shoes to a German comp which arrived yesterday.

4. Don't be afraid to hammer on the door of Superdrug.

5. Inglourious Basterds is a major disappointment. Not that I've seen it, but the reviews are shocking. Anyone out there seen it?

6. I find the whole Edinburgh Festival thing really tedious. Imagine being surrounded by all those egos fighting for attention over who's the funniest, then being ultra-needy if things don't go their way. God, it sounds like me. Anyway, if that tit Jack Whitehall was there, well then that says it all. Twenty is too young to be a stand-up comedian. Where are your references?? There's clearly despair behind those eyes.


Matthew Rudd said...

"Inglourious Basterds is a major disappointment. Not that I've seen it, but the reviews are shocking. Anyone out there seen it?"

I'll reveal your real name - Matthew Wright. Heh.

Clair said...

I find Statcounter inestimably useful in finding out the ISPs of people who visit my site and their locations.

Wil said...

I don't like that photo. It's scary and plainly not right. Can't say I've ever heard of him, either. Ah, the joys of being middle-aged and not having to give a toss.

Five-Centres said...

Don't blame you for not having heard of him Wil, I've barely heard of him, but he was immediately on my irritant radar.

Planet Mondo said...

That tit in the pic - can't stand him. He grates on me like sandpaper, and his head looks like the wind changed while he was in the Hall of Mirrors.

Interferon - I think I first heard it on Annie Nightingale and saw the vid on Max Headroom. The follow up, Steamhammer Sam was a bit flat though..

Five-Centres said...

What a fantastic description, PM. How true.

I never heard Steamhammer Sam either, and I don't think I ever heard Annie Nightingale. It was Jensen then Peel soundtracking my homework years.

TimT said...

We used to have a copy of Get out of London in the studio when I was a student DJ. I think I taped it, but I often wished I'd nicked the 45.

I'm with you on the Edinburgh Festival: I automatically ignore every word written and broadcast about it every summer. There's something so repulsively self-congratulatory about the people who go there (whether as performers or spectators), as if they want a medal for leaving London.

Congratulations on being ambulatory again.

Ishouldbeworking said...

God, I'm glad my verrucas eventually went without recourse to the dreaded acid peel. Does the new skin on the soles of your feet look years younger?

Five-Centres said...

Yes, like a new born babe. But it's sore.

sorbetdigital said...

I've been after a copy of 'Get out of London' for about 15 years!!! Can you let me know where you found it??? I'd do anything to hear it again.

Five-Centres said...

I found it on a US CD called Living In Oblivion Vol. 4. Readily available on eBay. Other gems include Belouis Some/Some People, General Public/Tenderness, Our Daughter's Wedding/Lawnchairs and Wall of Voodoo/Mexican Radio, so well worth the money. Good luck, Sorbet.

SorbetDigital said...