Friday, September 18, 2009

Five from Five

We're not going to talk about sploshing today, as the very idea of Fern Britton taking a seat on a mandarin flan or Pooky Quesnel astride a vanilla slice turns my stomach. But what an image. It's someone's cup of tea though, right Bright Ambassador? I can't wait for the hit rate on the site to skyrocket.

No, today we're going to do something we've not done for ages - five tunes that are currently setting the Five-Centres ipod alight. You might notice some of them are Australian. Well, that's because it's still my craze.

No one ever comments on music embeds, and no one every plays them either I should imagine, but if you're having a slow Friday, then give these a whirl.

First, here's The Models with Hold On. It's the only one of this Aussie New Wave bands hits I can really get into, see what you think. Nice hair dos.

Now here's Hotlegs, a formative 10cc, with their surprise No.2 from 1970. It's such a great song - dig those crazy recorders - but can you ever imagine it being a hit now? Even then it must have seemed quite bizarre.

Back down under now, and here's Hunters & Collectors, one of the Eighties Aussie bands I'd heard of but never heard, much like most of what's around today. This gorgeous slice of melancholia will tug at your heart strings. It's a grower.

And I'm sure Kitten In A Brandy Glass will appreciate this vid from fellow Australians Mondo Rock. What's more Eighties than cocktails, tuxedos, saxaphones and swimming pools?

Now here's Sniff N The Tears with this great guitar heavy slice of late 1970s British new wave. Often overlooked, but shouldn't be.


Bright Ambassador said...

We all have our little peccadillos, Mr FC. Some are into bukkake, others like 'snowballing'. I prefer my pleasures a little more sedate and involving homecooking.
I've got no idea who that Pookie Snackenburger woman is so couldn't tell you whether I'd like to see her sitting on an Eton Mess in just her smalls or not.

That Sniff'n the Tears song you only ever hear on Radio2. In fact, I don't think I'd ever heard the record until I'd started listening to the station. Don't know why they play it so much as it has hardly a massive hit. Mind you, the guitar solo sounds like one early 80s Rush might have employed, when they were in their New Wave period.

Clair said...

This is brilliant - but one of those that has me in tears.

Five-Centres said...

That's nice Clair. I only know Bury Me Deep In Your Love and didn't think they were all that, but this has changed my mind.

Like you, BA, I don't recall ever hearing that on the radio at the time either, only latterly.

A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

The problem with these embeds is that I can't listen to them at work (no speakers or headphones) so I have to remember to look at them when I get home.

Nonetheless, I shall look forward to trying these over the weekend. And I did enjoy that Shocking Blue the other day, although I wondered whether all that stuff about putting the ink in the inkpot was a bit Freudian.

Five-Centres said...

I've thought that too, Kitten and I think with them being Dutch and from a country where frankly, anything goes, then yes, you're probably right.

Mondo said...

Can we add venetian blinds to list of Eighties set dressings..

And I'll swap you those for this - which I'm on something of a buzz for at the mo'..

I'm tempted with an all Madonna vid post, only so's I can call it 'Embed with Madonna' boom-boom

Matthew Rudd said...

I remember buying a second hand copy of Neanderthal Man from a record fayre and assuming it was damaged or warped as the vocals were so faint and faded, and the drums totally overpowered them.

It took an older friend who was around in 1970 to point out that it was supposed to sound like that.