Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oh you silly things!

I was thinking overnight that yesterday's post is another in a long, long line of me ranting - perhaps somewhat unfairly - about someone I don't like. That happens a lot doesn't it?

So today, I won't be laying into Alexa Chung liked I'd planned to, and talking about the red dust enveloping Sydney, where a work colleague arrived only yesterday, what bad timing, and the new album by Van Morrison. Oh sod it, I can't keep it in. Did you see those pictures of her leaning on Pixie Geldof at a fashion show, as Anna Wintour looked on, her steely gaze hidden behind her sunglasses but there nonetheless? What a way to behave!

Who is she anyway, and how come someone so young and frankly quite plain (in some pics, really quite a fox in others) gets to be this international A-list superstar? Just cos she's being squired around town by the Arctic Monkey with the Tucker Jenkins hairdo who's beginning to take himself just that little bit too seriously and will soon be writing songs about champagne receptions and private viewings, doesn't mean she's entitled to any sort of media career, let alone twiddle with another girl's hair in the front row of a major fashion show. Then again, I suppose it does puncture the pomposity of it all, but really it's not very grown-up. I wonder how long before her MTV show is cancelled stateside. No one offends Nuclear Wintour after all.

I don't get it with T4, I really don't but they all seem to be considered hipper than thou, and no one dare say they actually are - on the whole - talent-free wannabees with affectations coming out of their ears, and I mean you Nick Grimshaw.

People like Alexa, having it all so young and not know what to do with it except behave louchely and piss everyone off, should play the game. You can be as nonchalant as you like about things, there's still a game to be played and certain unwritten rules to be followed.

I'm waiting for that star to wane.

Your opinions please.


Matthew Rudd said...

You're quite right, every day seems to be a rant about someone you don't like. And we wouldn't have you any other way.

Clair said...

Alexa Chung annoys me in so many ways. Why does she get a comment page in a newspaper when I haven't got one (oh, well maybe occasionally)? And she's not exactly Ms Personality; Miquita Oliver is heaps better, though 'cos she's not got those model looks (which mean that Alexa is photogenic, not necessarily beautiful), she gets a bit sidelined. Basically, like you, I just loathe these posh young tossers who swan around with a tremendous sense of entitlement, and am delighted to be of an age where I'd rather listen to Radio 4 in the morning rather than that T4 nonsense.

Bright Ambassador said...

Isn't it funny how Arctic Monkeys always considered themselves apart from all of that and now the singer's poking Chung and living in New York?
It's the drummer off of The Stereophonics all over again...

Mondo said...

I've only seen her a couple of times but she seems so dry, droning and personality-free I've been expecting a stick to sneak on from stage left and give her a jab for a livener.

T4 is like a yoof club on a set built from sticklebricks - hopeless! I'd bet it's viewing figures have great percentage of lusty perverts rather than it's intended audience.

PS - who's next on the FC hit-list?

Five-Centres said...

There's someone new every day, Mondo, I can barely keep up myself. But we could choose from the following:

Noel Clarke (Full of himself)
Chris Packham (Gaz Top for the 00s)
David Walliams (Too easy)
Trevor Eve (Takes himself far too seriously)
Stephen Moyer (You're only in a kiddie vampire show, love)

On a brighter note, I saw Don Warrington embracing Adjoa Andoh in our very reception this lunchtime.

A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

Someone in the kitchen at work just regaled me with an anti-Alexa diatribe, seemingly out of the blue, so clearly you're in tune with the public consciousness, FC.

Plus, the other day my office mate did a big rant about Steve Jones, mainly about whatever Hayden Cheerleader-Girl could possibly see in him, and the fact that he makes Peter Petrelli look like decent boyfriend material in comparison. So the T4 backlash is in full swing.

Five-Centres said...

I always speak for the people, Kitten. Steve Jones is a shoo-in for my hate list.

Emma said...

I'm firmly with the anti-Alexa camp - she always looks m*nged out of her box and she's not that pretty. Frankly she makes one yearn for the days of Jenny Powell and the casual on No Limits, which is saying something.

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