Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Stop me if you've heard this one before...

Are you wading into the Strictly row? I don't watch it as a rule, but I did see a bit of last week's with Alesha Dixon, and even I can see there's an Arlene-shaped hole there. Where's the authority? Just cos Alesha won it once means she can dance a bit, but is that enough?

Anyhoo, you're all probably bored to sobs by that now, but today I see Justin Lee Collins slagging off Brucie, saying he's too old to do the show, should quit, and when Lee Collins was presenting whatever the turnover version of Strictly is, Brucie was rude to him. Might that be because Brucie, ever the pro, recognises a big I am when he sees one? From what I've heard JLC is the rude one, though not as rude as Alan Carr, who imagines he's now a large star, when in truth he's a Banana Splits-resembling irritant who should do us all a favour and naff off.

I don't like Justin Lee Collins. I've tried, but there's something very fake about him, like he's playing a character rather than being himself. He's doing all this silly Sky One shows where he becomes an acrobat etc, things Pauline Quirke and Linda Robson were doing a hundred years ago. Isn't he going to FIve, home of the washed-up TV star? He's clearly furious with Alan Carr for becoming the one with the career, and like most double acts before them, they now hate each other.

He's even lost lots of weight, a sure sign he wants to be taken more seriously, but at the end of the day, he looks even more like Nicky Clarke with a beard than ever before.

I wonder if one day we'll be watching a dramatisation of their partnership on BBC4? Somehow I don't think these two are built to last, or perhaps this town isn't big enough for the both of them?


Helen said...

I didn't used to like him, but having chanced upon his Sky programme where is learns new tricks I've warmed to him and find him quite genuine. He lost all the weight when he was training to Tango! It takes all sorts ...

Anonymous said...

I'm with Heln on this. Watching his Sky series, he he comes over as a really nice bloke.

Mondo said...

He's on my list of celeb lookalikes
JLC is the double of Dennis Wilson

See also..

Hank Marvin - Kermit
Ms Dynamite - Hartley Hare

Five-Centres said...

Yes you're right, Mondo. It had never occurred to me.

Having done a straw poll, it seems he polarises people. I'm in the don't like camp, obviously.

Matthew Rudd said...

He's more likeable than he used to be.

Ishouldbeworking said...

I have no feelings about him either way (just to tinker with your polarising) but he was very nice to my mate's teenage son, who tentatively approached him in a milk shake bar in Bristol last year.

LF Barfe said...

I heard that he's nice to runners and other members of the poor bloody infantry on TV shoots, which redeems him slightly my eyes, but that doesn't mean he's any fucking good. And no, winning the show does not qualify you to become a judge. Whatever you think of Arlene she's an incredibly experienced choreographer.

Irritatingly, Collins is right about Bruce. He isn't in control any more, and considering what a superb orchestrator of game shows he was, that's sad to see. He's still got talent to spare, but this is no longer its best use. As I have said elsewhere, he would make a superb judge.

On the subject of Collins, wasn't there a rumour that he talks like Brian Sewell in private?