Tuesday, October 13, 2009

America's best

This popped up on the ipod this morning, and I realised I'd never seen footage of the song. But here it is, in all its 1966 glory.

If I was watching this as a child I think I might have been quite scared. Look at that silhouette! But this song, as the Vietnam War was in its infancy, was a US number one for Ssgt Barry Sadler, yes, a real life soldier.

It's a very stirring, ultra-jingoistic call to arms, and you can see why so many volunteered. How different things were by the end of the decade. By the way, where are all the anti-war songs today? No one really cares very much about anything anymore do they?

Anyway, Barry Sadler was shot and killed during a robbery at his home in Guatemala or Honduras in the Seventies, which is a sad end for one so brave.


Cocktails said...

That whole song is scary, not just the silhouettes!

Me and patriotism don't get along very well.

Ishouldbeworking said...

I only lasted thirty seconds so never got to see if he managed to rhyme "Green Beret" with "My-Lai".

Terrifying, I can imagine it being covered by Robson and Jerome.

Mondo said...

Don't remember that one at all - is the entire album on the 5C ipo' or just this tune?

Five-Centres said...

Just this tune, though I do have the whole album on vinyl.