Monday, October 12, 2009

Don't slate her!

I wouldn't normally write about EastEnders on here, as while I always watch it if I'm in, and I enjoy it in the main, there's not a lot that's particularly, amazingly outstanding about it.

But I was really moved and slightly disturbed by Stacey's meltdown and eventual sectioning last week.

If you're not sure what's been happening, Stacey Slater, played by the brilliant (but slightly chilly in real life) Lacey Turner, has been diagnosed as bipolar and has spiralled into a deep depression which involves huge highs and terrifying lows, and with ex-huband Bradley set to move to Canada with his new love Syd, she recently took a turn for the worse.

She had an episode long breakdown which from the off was undpredictable, chilling and very unsettling. It was utterly compelling and truly heart-wrenching stuff. The actress was top notch. I felt emotionally drained afterwards. That's what good soap is all about. I'm so bored of hearing 'EastEnders is depressing', or 'All they do is shout at each other'. Well of course they do; drama comes out of conflict. Would anyone watch EastEnders if it was all about bake sales, church picnics and goodwill to all men? No. It would be dull.

Corrie's great, and manages to weave northern humour in among the drama, however the drama often takes a back seat, though Kevin and Molly's affair has me hooked at the moment.

So going back to EE, it's been said that character of Stacey has been ruined now that she's been given this illness to deal with. Perhaps the character may not be able to go places she could have gone if this hadn't been bestowed upon her, but Lacey Turner is the only young actress in the show capable of doing it any sort of justice. And she really has. Gillian Wright who plays her mother Jean, is also excellent. Their relationship is really believable.

Listen to me, I'm gushing.

Give those women a BAFTA.


Bright Ambassador said...

I've surprised myself and taken to watching, shifts permitting. I have to say I found Friday's episode a little too much, I was a bit down on Friday as it was.

Besides, I can't work out if I fancy that woman who plays Samantha Janus's sister. I believe she's Alan Sugar's niece.

BPP said...

So you'd give 'er one? Is that what you're saying?

That you'd give 'er one?

Is that it?

You dirty old sod.

Bright Ambassador said...

Probably, yeah, why not? In for a penny in, for a pound.

saskia said...

cld u pls arrang 4 me to met laecy turner, the actrss who playz stacy in east enders.she is best on tv and very pretty and u hv many famous friends it would mek me very happy so pls do evrythng you can to mek it happen. i collect pictures of her as well pls send me one. anyhoo i think she wood hav been more happy if she did stay with bradley. do u agree?

Five-Centres said...

As a fictional character yourself, Saskia, you'd be better placed to answer that question.

Bright Ambassador said...

Sod dat, Saskia, Bradleyz a dork. Besidez, Sydz milez fitter an she give Bradley da opportunity 2 live in dat Canaydia, not dat Walford craphole.

saskia said...

i suppos U mayb rite, brite ambass'dor. syd is pritty & Walford is crap hole. But not as pritty as stacey.i luv stacey. i collect pictures of stacey.pls send me some if youhave any. thanx. ps. i lov bradley to.

Saskia said...

Please why have you not send me picturs of Stacy.i love stacey