Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Look, there's a new Doctor Who logo

and you can find it here.

So last night I went to the Pride of Britain Awards and while it's a moving ceremony with so much to celebrate and thank your lucky stars for, by God is it long. The man who invented the MRI scan went on for about 25 minutes, not that anyone can say anything (although someone did shout 'get off', to everyone's horror). But that said, you get a great quality celeb, or at least celebs you don't normally see.

Last night I spoke to/rubbed shoulders with the likes of Dame Vera Lynn, Gordon Ramsay, Mel B, Arlene Phillips, Meera Syal, Michael Caine, Girls Aloud, GMTV bods, JLS, Esther Rantzen, Des Lynam, Simon Cowell, Sharon & Ozzy Osbourne, and and there was dancing from Diversity (who we could tell were good or bad, what with sitting side on). Also in attendance was David Milliband and the Prime Minister and wife.

What really shocked me about the whole thing though, was the lax security. There was no checking of bags, no metal arch, no one paid that much attention to the tickets. And there I was at one stage descending the stairs literally shoulder to shoulder with Gordon Brown and wife and, for all anyone knew, I could have had a gun in my jacket. There were secret service people with them too, but with no checks on the way into the do, I could have been anyone and done anything. It's tighter flying from Gatwick to Jersey.

Anyhoo, it was quite fun, but Monday nights are tiring.


Cocktails said...

So the question is: why DIDN'T you have a gun in your pocket?

Clair said...

The last time I went, I talked to Euan Blair about Simple Minds.

Bright Ambassador said...

Cocktails - Because he WASN'T pleased to see him. I thangew, I'm here all week, don't forget to tip your waitress.

Cocktails said...


Do you have lovely platinum hair too?

BPP said...


I've gone deaf with the amount of noise made by your blasted name-dropping.


There goes another one!