Tuesday, November 17, 2009


It's Channel 4's 3D week, and we're all supposed to rush out and get our glasses from Sainsbury's and enjoy seeing the coronation as we've never seen it before.

Whereas over the years the whole 3D thing has reared it's head and then shuffled back off to its pit, it seems to be gathering pace at the moment, with talk of it eventually becoming the norm.

But is it really such a good thing?

For me as a spectacles wearer, this is no good at all. I either have to tuck the stiff cardboard - or worse, plastic - pair behind my real glasses at a funny angle, or try and balance them on the top of my nose outside of them. Neither is comfortable or really works. Has anyone given this any thought?

And does it mean that if TVs go 3D we'll all have to have a pair of special glasses at hand? Can you get prescription 3D glasses?

I'm hoping it's just a fad and will pass, like it's done countless times before.


Simon said...

You're spot on. I'm a glasses wearer too and I hate 3D. It has also been shown to cause nausea in a large number of people after they come out of the cinema. Go to see a film, get a free headache. Great.

Cocktails said...

As a specs wearer, an embittered film purist and general 'anti-fun' person I also hope that its a fad.

Speaking of fads, whatever happened to virtual reality. Wasn't that meant to be the future of entertainment?

Clair said...

I don't care. I don't care about HDTV, either, as my eyesight is increasingly shite, and won't be able to get the benefit, anyway,

Mondo said...

Any 3D films I've seen are generally hopeless. Plot gets overlooked for a series of set-pieces around globules, bubbles and balls, being thrown or dropped.

I think Andy Warhol's Frankenstein was originally 3D, and that was hopeless too.

Ishouldbeworking said...

3D's a bit like the device Steve Martin's character invents in The Jerk, that's supposed to enhance your life by keeping your specs in place but actually makes you go cross-eyed. I'm keeping well clear.

I once went on a thing in Australia where they made you put on the specs and watch a 3D film of kangaroos, while all the seats were hauled around by a hydraulic device. It was supposed to make you feel like you were swooping overhead, but all it did to me was make me throw up. Hellish.