Monday, November 16, 2009

Johnny Come Lately...Maybe Not

I'd never even heard of them until now, but who are Smyths and where are their toy superstores?

I'm always amazed when something you've never heard of is suddenly everywhere, and when you ask around everyone's heard of them but you, and then subsequently you discover they've been around since about 1972 and have 400 branches.

Smyths are TV and press advertising like crazy, doing competitions on GMTV and are everywhere. And what a very old-fashioned brand they appear to be. Nasty yellow and red = cheap (and cheerful) and perhaps that's just the ticket for these credit crunch times.

Anyway, I suppose it's the passage of time that's most surprising in all this. No doubt Smyths probably were established in 1904 and it's just me who's never notice. A bit like how the Noughties have flown by, Midsomer Murders has been going for 12 years and Mrs F-C and I met when we were 23.

It's all going way too fast.


Sky Clearbrook said...

If it's any consolation, I'd never even heard of them until your post!

Re. Passage of time. Time does seem to pass more quickly the older you get. I think a big factor in this is that when you're younger, you tend to live more in the "here and now". The older you get, the more time you spend planning ahead (especially if that's what your job entails). I'm more prone to missing things that happen right now for that very reason.

Five-Centres said...

How True Sky, I'd never thought of it that way. My life is wished away on a daily basis.

Chris Hughes said...

I have also never heard of Smyths.

Suzy Norman said...

Nor me.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Never heard of 'em. Looks awful though!

TimT said...

Me neither. Are you sure you didn’t just dream them?

Five-Centres said...

They're everywhere!

And on further investigation I discovered they're Irish and yes - there are hundreds of stores. Keep your eyes peeled.

Mondo said...

My two tots love Smyths. We had a branch open near us (Rayleigh) a couple of years ago. And until one of the young'ns came home with a free 'Smyths' baseball cap, had always assumed they were talking about W H Smith..

I generally found WHS disappointing as a toy shop, great for books, drawing pads and board games but other stuff ~ nothing doing!

Five-Centres said...

Only for bargain bin records, otherwise I always thought it was a bit stuffy and very brown.