Friday, November 06, 2009

Double Trouble

So will you be voting for Jedward?

They'll probably win it, but who cares! It's no longer a talent show, it's about who teenage girls fancy or who the public vote for to upset the apple cart and to piss of Simon Cowell (not that he really cares either, it's all publicity), and it fills pages and pages of tabloid newspapers and celebrity mags. They're all over Heat, so it's probably safe to say there going to be around for a while. Of course they're terrible, and there's something unsettlingly Village Of The Damned about them, the way they exchange knowing looks and smile at the same time; they're quite mad. But they are entertaining and I can't wait to see what they do next. Tomorrow they're doing Ghostbusters, which should be a sight to behold.

I don't think there's anyone particularly outstanding this year. I quite like Lucie Jones, she has a nice voice, but otherwise they're all either irritating beyond belief (Jamie with the big hair that's clearly a wig, Danyl who throws the mic from side to side and who's become a national hate figure, Olly with the terrible hair and Will Young underbite) or really wet (fey Lloyd and everyone else).

But it's all jolly good fun and not be taken seriously. In the meantime, here's some real music. It's Russell Morris's 1969 Aussie No1, the seven-minute psychedlic wig out tour de force that is The Real Thing.

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Mondo said...

Russell Morris - what a belter, and very Bowie of that time (Let Me Sleep Beside You, Heat of the Morning)- everything the dress sense, barnet and body language.

It's highly unlikely he'd have even been aware of Bowie, but makes you realize just how easily The Dame could have gone the way of Russell Morris, if RCA hadn't opted on him.