Monday, December 07, 2009

"I am not going to open a restaurant wiz you"

I'm not enjoying The Restuarant this time around.

I can't imagine Raymond and team wanting to take a risk opening a restaurant with any of the contestants. Some can cook but have terrible front of house and vice versa. The fat, lazy couple who are always in tears and pain, the good cook coupled with that ghastly Nathan, who won't take criticism and won't help anyone out. He's my least favourite, though it's a touch call what with high-fiving fops JJ and James. JJ won't cook and thinks he's Gordon Ramsay, while JJ is actually quite a good front of house but saddled with that bellend.

It's all gone too quickly. If the army cooks hadn't bottled it so soon they might have been good, but there haven't been enough couples in it. And I don't like the two challenges per show. It's trying to fit too much in.

I'm pretty sure this will be the last series.

Still, I watched the first ep of the new series of Survivors and it's an absolute corker, far better than anything from the last series, so that bodes well.

Right, I'm off to The Bill's Christmas lunch.

A bientot!


A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

I keep wondering whether they will dare to have a finale in which nobody wins because "nohn of you are guhd enurf". Surely they wouldn't, but no other outcome would make any kind of sense.

Five-Centres said...

Agreed Kitten, unless they split the pairs and it's on that condition it goes any further.

Simon said...

Totally agree. It hasn't worked primarily because the contestants are all hopeless. Having an episode where they don't get rid of anyone is always a cop out.

I'm not really sure why they messed around with the format though. It does feel too rushed, I am not sure whether they tried to cram it all in before Sarah dropped her baby.

They should have kept the two young girls at the start as well. Would anyone seriously want to go into business with someone with Nathan's attitude?

Putting it in Bristol is a slight improvement over having everyone scattered around. But that's the only one. It's a shame because I really enjoyed the first two series.

The only saving trace was the fat chef's attempt at making a plane cake, which was priceless.

Helen said...

I know what you mean, but I'm still enjoying it. I haven't heard anyone referred to as a bell-end for ages and it really made me laugh. Agree with all the comments. Nathan is awful and those two blonde stuck in the eighties arrogant winking twits, just laughable. Think it could only work if they offered the restaurant to Nathan's chef (sorry can't remember his name) and JJ's front of house mate. The standard compared to previous years has really dropped. Still find Raymond very gracious and love Harry Hill's comments about it on TV Burp.