Friday, December 04, 2009

Still alive

Posting's going to a bit sporadic between now and Christmas. I've got so much on. I spent yesterday freezing to death at the Emmerdale village, having already come from my freezing cold unheated house, onto a icebox train then hitting Leeds station and realising I was in all the wrong clothes. But I had a nice day anyway and warmed up on the train home.

I'm sure you'll be glad to hear the heating at home is now fixed. The thermostat needed new batteries. I didn't even know it had batteries. If I had, I could have done that myself and not sat shivering under a blanket for the past three nights.

So that's a relief then.

Got your Christmas tree up yet? Me neither.


Michael said...

I remember when Emmerdale used to be a farm, and when Briggate (pictured) used to be real street with buses on it. Both were better then, I think.

Mondo said...

It's always a bit nippier up north. No Christmas tree at ours either..

TimT said...

When I was growing up, our family Christmas tree only went up on the last weekend before Christmas Day, and often as late as Christmas Eve. So that’s always felt like the right way to do it as far as I’m concerned.

There’s a house round the corner from me which is always covered with flashing Santas and the like throughout December. This year they switched it on on November 23rd! Bah humbug.

Anonymous said...

God helps those who help themselves........................................