Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I Didn't Know I Loved You Til I Saw You Rock & Roll

Oh why did Gary Glitter have to go and be a bloody paedophile?

His 1985 tour de force Another Rock & Roll Christmas popped up on the ipod this morning and it really is such a belter. Really that goes for all his songs, but this one's a seasonal corker now banished into exile. It's such a shame you never hear it on the radio amid the Merry Christmas Everyones and Silver Bells. You used to of course, but then he blew it by becoming a vile-looking kiddie fiddler and that put the tin lid on that. Stupid fucker. Still, at times like this we must separate the rhyme from the crime and get on with it.

On a similar note, I'm amazed, thinking back, that Jonathan King never released a Christmas song. His superior take on the novelty song would have been an absolute shoo-in.

And there's more from me later. In the meantime, listen if you dare!


Mondo said...

I saw him twice in the mid and late eighties during his 'Leader' period Christmas gigs. Incredible, what an absolute showman..

And there are so many crackers in the back catalogue.. I Love You Love, Always Yours.

Try grabbing Slade live at Reading too, I picked it up last week - a stormer. It's recorded in 81, after they were called in to fill after Ozzy cancelled. Slade stole the entire Reading weekend and had thousands of rockers and bikers doing the Hokey Cokey

Clair said...

Me and Liz in the office love this, and we don't care. Hate the sin, love the single.

Bright Ambassador said...

Personally, I love it. "You'll be rockin' in yer stockin'" is one of the greatest Christmas song lines. Ever.

BPP said...

Gary Glitter's a kiddly-diddler ...?

*arse drops out of world*