Monday, December 14, 2009

Give, Give, Give

I went to a lavish Sky1 Christmas do last week. Always good for great canapes and entertainment, I always look forward to their goody bag too.

This year, however, we were told by compere Davina McCall that there were no goody bags as Sky was making a donation to its own charity instead.

I don't know about you, but this is something I really object to.

It's from the same stable as 'we're not sending Christmas cards this year - we're giving the money we would have spent on them to charity instead'. This is a grand, high-handed and frankly thoughtless gesture designed to make the instigator feel good about themselves and nothing else. No one is going to applaud them for being so giving. You're not Lord Delfont, you know.

I might not want to give to the charity they're earmarking. Charities are not simply a well of good works, they can be extremely political and should be chosen wisely. I choose the charities I want to give to. I don't want anyone else giving to ones I don't choose on my behalf thank you very much, Jerry.

So there's that and then there's the saving the world brigade, who don't send cards because it's better for the environment if they don't. Well, with some friends the only way we keep in touch is via Christmas card, so there goes 25 years of friendship down the toilet because they want to be seen to be doing good.

It's all horseshit. You either send me a card or you don't, and if you don't it means we're no longer friends.


TimT said...

One word: churl!

(But you can bet that I'll be getting my Christmas card off to FC towers pretty sharpish...)

Five-Centres said...

That's the spirit, TT

Helen said...

Can you just stop beating around the bush and say what you mean?!

Cocktails said...

'You either send me a card or you don't, and if you don't it means we're no longer friends.'

You are harsh. Very harsh.

Ishouldbeworking said...

I feel chastened, and you weren't even talking to me.

Bright Ambassador said...

Boo-hoo, you didn't get a goody bag.

Anonymous said...

Hi Five. Haven't sent you a card this year, you knob, as I can't be fucking arsed; you're not even my friend, and I don't have your address anymore. Not that I care. Hope you have a great Christmas anyway, I suppose.

Five-Centres said...

Thanks Anon, you're a fucking knob too and I'm not sending you a card either. So at least we know where we stand.

Anonymous said...

Can I please clarify that I am not the Anonymous above. I won't be sending you a card either, but I don't think you're a knob.

Five-Centres said...

Thanks Anon! Happy Christmas to you too

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