Friday, April 09, 2010

It's Funf von Funf Freitag!

Currently immersing myself in the wide spectrum of German music I've fallen into, and some gems have emerged already.

First off, if you don't get up and dance there's something wrong with you. I was practically a human tombola on the Tube this morning. It's probably Dutch, actually, but don't let that put you off. Warning: contains steel drums, a carnival atmosphere and Boney M and Ottawan influences. Insanely, insanely catchy. From 1978 (when else could this possibly have been a hit), it's the poorly-named Snoopy, with No Time For A Tango.

And now, something no less serious, though I think it might like to be. From the German New Wave, with a great TOTP-style performance is this gem. It's so German you can smell it. No idea of the year or what it's about, but I'm wondering if it might be something to do with that East German kids' show The Sandman. Freddie Vom Jupiter by Andreas Dorau & Die Marinas

Ripped off Pop Muzik is this curio. Sub-Falco gold. The Monotones with, er, Mono.

Who is this clown? Why, it's Benny, the German Plastic Bertrand, with his version of Ca Plane Pour Moi called Bin Wieder Frei. I think I might prefer it. But he looks like he should on stage at the Royal Pavilion Margate, doing Release Me or Mother Of Mine rather than singing a punk song, even if it is a novelty song. Look at those strides!

I only know this as the early 70s Top Ten hit by Shag, another of Jonathan King's masks, but it seems this is the original. It's the peculiarly-named J Bastos with Loop-Di-Love. What a great video. But what is this song about? It's bonkers. At our next get together, let's do this up the street or there's no point ever seeing each other again.


Cocktails said...

I can't believe I just sat here and listened to all these. Thank God I have the office to myself today.

'No Time for A Tango' is annoyingly catchy. Damn you F-C!

Five-Centres said...

Told you! I can't get it out of my head.

Anonymous said...

I implore you to use your influence to persuade the powers that be to adopt that J Bastos number as our new company song with immediate effect.

Five-Centres said...

I'll see what I can do, Anon.