Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Fleecy! Greasy! Waxen! Flaxen!

As you know, I'm not a musicals fan, but I do have soft spot for some of the songs.

Many people have been telling me about their trips to see the revival of Hair, and I realise it's actually a show I've never seen, have no idea of the story, but know a lot of the songs.

Oliver's version of Good Morning Starshine was never off my turntable as a tot, being one of the ex-jukebox records from my grandma's pub that we drowned under from 1968 - 73. Not that I was complaining. I still love that song. Nice intro. But you don't want to hear that. Here's his theme from the Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie, a US No.2.

Nina Simone's I Ain't Got No...I Got Life, now ruined forever by those silly Muller light ads ('Got my berry, got my cherry, got my chocolate, got my er...cherry again'), but still a good song.

Aquarius/Let The Sun Shine In, the Fifth Dimension version cannot be beaten, and is given an urban turn of the Seventies eco-feel, very much of the time.

But my favourite is Hair, by prototype Partridge Family The Cowsills. A band called Zen had a similar sounding number one with the song in Holland, at the height of hippiemania, but nothing beats this. Essentially a band of squares that make the Kelly Family look like the Manson Family, it's all rather incongruous, and as this You Tube clips shows, it also comes with some very, very bad wigs.

I'm still not going to the show though. I believe they hug you. I'm already bristling.


Ishouldbeworking said...

"I'm hairy high and low"?

You can't say THAT! There may be CHILDREN in the audience!

Five-Centres said...

We should gloss over that bit.

BPP said...

Help, Five Centres, HELP! I'm in Yorkshire and I can't find Rochdale!


Five-Centres said...

Turn left at Rotherham.

BPP said...

*turns left*

Hang on! This is Barnsley!