Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Would you like to see my slides?

Okay, back now and I'm sure I have lots of catching up to do. So in the meantime, without you even asking, let me bore you with a few high and lowlights from my trip to Las Vegas.

1. Mandals. Regular readers may know that I eschew this type of footwear. So I'm loathe to tell you that I had little choice but to join the flip-flip brigade. With temperatures at 96 on arrival and pushing 112 when I left, they were the only option. I didn't have any of course, so Mrs F-C frogmarched me to the Forum shops at Caeser's Palace where I bought a pair, knowing full well I'd never wear them. But dear reader, once I put them on there was no going back. I've never felt so free. As they say, however, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas and they won't be leaving the shoe cupboard anytime soon.

2. American men. The most unimaginative dressers in the world. Baggy shorts, baseball caps on backwards, dull as ditchwater golf polos on men of all ages from kids to pensioners. With so many great shops offering a lot of menswear choices, why not try something different? Seems it cannot be done. I may be just this side of mutton dressed as lamb, but I'm glad about it.

3. The Beatles "Love". I'm not one for performance art or musical shows. But I really wanted to see this Cirque Du Soleil show as I'd heard so many good things about it. Last time went to a CduS show we walked out. I have no time for fat clowns making over-exaggerated faces or people on rollerskates, but this show was something else. It helps of course that you know the songs - is there another band in the world whose album tracks are as well-known as their singles? - and some over-enthusiastic stiltwalkers aside, it really was spectacular. A great use of the music, and some brilliant special effects, amazing acrobatics and the fittest (as in healthy) cast I've ever seen made this one not to miss. The seats had speakers in them, and to hear songs like A Day In The Life and Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds all remixed and used imaginatively was a real thrill. Not quite sure what teh story was meant to be as it made no sense whatsoever, but the staging was brilliant and I thoroughly recommend it.

4. Don't mock the slots. We won $1000 dollars.

5. Always keep your original stake in your top pocket. Then whatever you win or lose matters not. We got quite good at Blackjack. It's just so much fun. You'll be throwing your money away on craps though.

6. Food. The food in Vegas is truly fantastic. When I first went I only remember Dennys, McDonalds and the inevitable Subway. But now all the (nice) hotels have great restaurants. I do find the whole "Kabuki by Issay Takayashi" or "Le Soir Du Nord by Guy Jarondine" (all made up by the way) style of presentation a bit pretentious, but don't be put off. These giant-sized eateries are really, really good. I've had some of the best food I've ever eaten.

7. It's worth paying more for your hotel room. Our bath overlooked the strip. One button opened or closed the curtains. I wish my house was like this. The rates changed every day and it can end up being far, far less than you'd think.

8. Seen one casino, seen them all.

9. French Canada - is it for real? My connection the way back was via Montreal. I had about 10 minutes to change planes and every person I asked in my panic to find my gate spoke French, even if I spoke English back. I didn't have time to speak French. And it's a funny accent. I think it's an affectation. I very nearly missed the plane, though as it turned out we sat on the tarmac for 90 minutes while they fiddled with an engine part, which was tedious in the extreme. Still, I managed to watch most of A Prophet before the plane had even taken off.

10. Theme hotels go off really quickly. All those pyramids and New Yorks and fairy castles now look really shabby and are really low rent. Talk about redneck city. Paris and Venice are okay, but you can see they're on the turn. They never did do that London one. If I was to open one, I'd base it on the glamour of the Vegas of the Fifties and Sixties. Groovy cocktail bars, Engelburt Humperdinck on every night in the Lave Lounge...You can see it, can't you?

Anyway, Mrs F-C is there for another week. She's worried about bankruptcy, and with good reason.

So what have I missed?


Ishouldbeworking said...

Bancruptcy? Good heavens. Did you let her keep the thousand bucks?

Sounds like you got the very best out of that trip. I've never been and probably never will, though I do get curious from time to time. Welcome back, and belated Happy Birthday.

John Medd said...

You weren't tempted to put your life savings on red then?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, FC.

I've often wondered what Vegas would be like but it's too far to go considering that I'd probably run out of stuff to do in two days. If it was accessible as a day trip, I'd be there like a shot.

Five-Centres said...

There's far more to do than you would imagine, and we didn't do the half of it. Next time - and there will be a next time - we will go to the old signs graveyard and the Liberace museum among other things.

It's ideal really, cos you can laze by the pool for a few hours a day first, then go off and do whatever you want. We're not beach people but we do like to catch a bit of sun, so this is perfect. Make it happen.

Cocktails said...

Make it happen? It will happen as my de-facto in-laws are so into Vegas that have just decided to move there.

They've just been over this past week funnily enough getting the keys to their new mega-house in gated community land.

I think they're mad, but well, they enjoy gambling and everything so there will be plenty for them to do...

Five-Centres said...

Not sure if I could live there. That would be weird. You'd spend your life in hotels or strip malls. Fine for a bit but not forever.

Mondo said...

The Vegas themed Vegas Hotel is a genius scheme! Glad Love wasn't a let down..

TimT said...

Welcome back, and belated birthday wishes. I just got back from a week in France myself, though your holiday sounds more fun.

Have you ever seen the Coppola film ‘One From The Heart’, which is set in Vegas? It’s got a fabulous soundtrack by Tom Waits and Crystal Gayle, and the way the city appears in the movie is how I picture it when I think of it (even though it was all shot in the studio, apparently).

Five-Centres said...

Hope you had a good time though, TT.

I've not seen that. Must seek it out. I watched The Hangover on the plane over, but lost interest toward the end.