Thursday, June 10, 2010

Song du Jour

I can't get this number out of my head. It's a real peculiarity. It's Sixties guitar whizz Duane Eddy making a Top Ten comeback with this single Play Me Like You Play Your Guitar.

It's notable for the vocals really. Weedy, reedy Ladybirds-esque stylings over the top of Eddy's very recognisable licks. How it became a hit is anyone's guess, as Duane Eddy was off the pop scene by then. (How do some songs find themselves big hits? Lori Anderson's chillingly excellent O Superman is a perfect example).

Anyway, it's been in my brain for a weeks now. It's actually damn catchy and kind of moving. It says 1973 on this vid, but it's actually 1975. It reached number 9. Groovy background. Reminds me of clothes shops like Snob.


Ishouldbeworking said...

Poor Duane looks a bit embarrassed, doesn't he? Not a comfortable front man at all. f you liked that, I'd strongly endorse his "Twenty Terrific Twangies" album. A perfect "all back to mine" disc, should the mood take you.

Five-Centres said...

Thanks ISBW. I am a fan of the Duane Eddy sound, so that sounds ideal.

Mondo said...

There's a touch of Galveston about it - but that's probably the baritone guitar sound. He looks much younger than I expected - take away the seventies clobber and he wouldn't look out of place in Arcade Fire.

I've got a couple of real pop oddities/nuggets lined up for posting soon (when I get round to ripping them). One's a Pickettywitch spin-off, the other's streaking related and had to be imported from France..

Five-Centres said...

You're teasing me Mondo. I can't wait. What could be a Pickettywitch spin-off except Polly Brown's Up In A Puff Of Smoke?

Mondo said...

Bang on! Re the Pickettyone. You'll have to wait for the streaker business though

Mondo said...

PS – dig about on this site - packed full of winners and where I first heard it.