Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh Harry day

Who fancies going to the new Hogwarts theme park in Florida? I know I do. Shame it's all the way over there and not here. The weather would surely suit the subject matter so much more appropriately. You don't expect to see Hogwarts castle against a clear blue sky. It's got to threaten snow! But that's by the bypass.

I do like a theme park. The last time I went to one was when Mrs F-C was doing a show in Orlando - the home of the theme park - so there was plenty to fill my days. First day I went to the Epcott Centre alone, went on the Innerspace ride, felt sick for the rest of the day, felt like a paedophile, gorked at the morbidly obese hiring those stroller wheelchair things so they could motor round with a gallon of Pepsi in the front basked and a skip of chips on their lap, went home.

Another day, I went to Cape Canaveral which may as well be a theme park. It's fascinating, but you really could do without that constant'truth, justice and the American way/triumph over tragedy' music which is on loop, loudly.

Mrs F-C is not a fan of theme parks, but I did persuade her to come to Universal Studios. I'd been to the California one in 1982, a holiday during which we went to every theme park in the area, from Knotsberry Farm and its then legendary corkscrew rollercoaster to a funfair at Monterey with Disneyland in between. Dad encouraged it. We loved it.

The Jaws lake and the flooding Mexican village were quite a sight to behold. We went down what is now Wisteria Lane, then former home of the Munsters. And they were filming Fast Times At Ridgemount High while we were there. We got a T-shirt which I wish I still had. The special guest host at the theatre show was Kim Fields from The Facts Of Life. Where is she now?

Against her better judgment, Mrs F-C admitted she did have a nice time after all, but not to push it: there's only so much she can bear. I remember the thrill of the back to the future ride.

I'm still not mad on anything that goes round though. We had to put off our holiday to the Isle of Wight by a day and a half after going on the Waltzer at Eastleigh fair. We were spun like salad. I've never felt so bilious. Every time I hear the song below I smell friend onions, chips and brown sauce on a polystyrene tray and want to stick my head in a bin.

Anyhoo, I'd love to go to Harry Potter World. But not on my own. I don't want those looks. Who's coming with me?


Cocktails said...

I'll go with you. I'd like to spend more time in theme parks but I'm afraid that all of my nearest and dearest vehemently disagree.

I am however, hoping to persuade Mr 'I hate all theme parks I do' Cocktails that he really wants to go to the Studio Ghibli one in Tokyo later this year. I believe that there is also a Sanrio one in Tokyo for those of us who find the idea of a large and furry Hello Kitty strangely appealing.

Cocktails said...

Just noticed that the BLOG curtains have opened to reveal a miserable cloud cloaked landscape. Getting into the summer spirit then F-C?

Five-Centres said...

I'm not a fan of sunshine unless I'm on holiday Cocktails. Surely you know that by now.

I went to Tokyo Disneyland when it first opened in 1984. I don't rememer much about it except that it was the hottest day of my life.

When you're in Tokyo must go to the earthquake simulator above a fire station in one of the suburbs. We were the only visitors and we were treated like kings. We got to pretend we were in an earthquake and dive for cover while turning off appliances. It was a hoot.

John Medd said...

FC - I'm on board! See you at Heathrow (Terminal 5 and three quarters).

Ishouldbeworking said...

I've been to Lourdes. That's a bit like a theme park. Does that count?