Friday, June 18, 2010

The REAL 'new' Full Monty

You know how, ever since The Full Monty came out, just about every British film of a certain type is touted as the 'new' Full Monty. If it involves a triumph over adversity, the little guy sticking it to the man or some leftfield activity captivating the heart of the nation then it's immediately, 'the new Full Monty'.

But no amount of Morris: A Life With Bells On or Kinky Boots have even come close. However, if they really want to find the new Full Monty I think I've found it.

Did you catch the Storyville: Sync or Swim documentary the the other night? If not, it was about a Welsh guy who moved to Sweden to marry, learnt the language but found himself with a lovely family but no friends and a job as a carer, whereas he'd previously worked in the film industry over here.

Depressed and lonely, he decided to act upon the old Swedish adage that goes something like 'you've not properly integrated into Swedish society until you've joined a club'. And of all things he found a male synchronised swimming club.

Lucky for him, everyone there was just a bit like him. While some had good jobs, they were stuck in a middle aged rut - failed musicians, perpetual singletons who couldn't find love, busy professionals needing an outlet, etc. So they were all great pals and put their heart and soul into the swimming. But they were terrible.

Thinking they were the only male synchronised swimming club in existence, they were shocked to discover there was actually a world championship. With some help from a professional trainer they decided to go for it and had three months to get it together to go to the championships in Milan.

And of course, against the odds, they did it. They were brilliant. It was quite moving.

It was a great story. You could transplant it to Britain, explore the home lives more, turn up the tears and make a great little film.

Hollywood, are you reading?


Ishouldbeworking said...

I saw this in the listings but didn't realise it was a documentary, so gave it a miss. I just thought 'oh, bet that'll be a bit twee and he'll find love with a well-preserved, wryly intelligent Swedish divorcee at the end.' Once again my kneejerk cynicism robs me of innocent pleasure. Bah.

Anonymous said...

Radio Times had this as their documentary of the week, but I foolishly chose to watch the football instead. Thanks for the heads-up, F-C, I'll make sure to check it on the iPlayer over the weekend.

Five-Centres said...

Do try and catch it on iplayer. It's slightly rushed, could have been longer, but no less enjoyable for all that.

John Medd said...

I'm sure Hollywood are reading: working title - Diving For Pearls?

Mondo said...

I'll keep an eye out for it. Pet Shop Boys would have to do the soundtrack.

Five-Centres said...

The music was done by one of the team, a failed pop star who was inspired to start making music again when he realised the music they had to swim to was no good.