Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Raindrops on roses No.19

It's satisfying when you come to a decison about something.

After many years of not giving it a second thought, I've decided on my favourite colour for the first time ever.

It's cream.

I'm not sure how I came to this conclusion, but I have. We're talking clothes here of course, though It'd be appropriate in any area of life. I find it fresh, modern, unshowy and calming. But it's got to be that nice, pure cream, not tipping over to magnolia or Buff or DHSS.

For a while there it was green, and I've been told red is my colour on more than one occasion, but it's never my first choice. I'm most often seen in black and white, but it's time to branch out. Anyone know where I can get a nice cream shirt from? My least favourite colour is aubergine purple. Reminds me of my old boss. She even had the hair to match.

On a similar note, I have also decided that my favourite flavour yoghurt in the Activia range - and I've tried them all - is kiwi. Apricot is No.2. My least favourite? Strawberry.

God I sound like I've got Asperger's. Or just dull.


Cocktails said...

Cream is the colour of optimism. Optimism that you are not going to spill red wine, curry, ink etc. down on that nice new cream shirt.

redscharlach said...

The problem with cream clothes is that the lovely fresh colour they have when you buy them doesn't last for long - after a couple of washes they often get a drab and washed-out look.

I had a theory that the washes-whiter washing powders "see" them as white that's gone dirty, and try to get them clean, thus ruining the colour they are meant to be. But then, you can't stick them in your "coloureds" wash or they'll go pink or blue. It's a domestic minefield.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Cream is fine, but I've seen a lot of blokes get really carried away with it and end up looking like Our Man in Havana. Moderation in all things, F-C.

My favourite yoghurt is Activia Rhubarb. I'm eating one now.

Five-Centres said...

Oh yes, ISBW, the safari suit is not a good look at all. But that's more of a Sahara sand isn't it?

John Medd said...

Sounds to me like you're turning into John Shuttleworth. He turned it into a 90 minute stage show - Fawn Again.

Mondo said...

I always loved the cream outfits (with boots to match) on Moonbase Alpha.

Yoghurts - haven't had one for yonks. Ski black cherry was always a fave though