Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I'm gonna jump in a crater! (See you later!)

Look, I'm not dead, just not in the mood really. There's nothing wrong, but better to come back blazing than dribble on about how seriously, properly funny and well-written series one of Friends is, my new admiration for Lava by the B-52's and it's relationship to the tiki craze of the late Fifties/early Sixties, and have I done the right thing buying meatballs for dinner.

I'm busy with our annual awards ceremony too, and the aftershow playlist is all-consuming: New Seekers or not New Seekers?

See you soon.


Chris Hughes said...

Everyone knows Friends cannot possibly be funny, because it has people who go to the gym and have perfect teeth in it, and there's no way they could ever be funny. No, not even Matthew Perry.

Meatballs. Good choice.

office pest said...

New Seekers IN, if it's 'Pinball Wizard':

Meatballs MAYBE depending on what's in them. If you want to know that is.

If Friends had an episode called 'Meatballs', it could be '...the one with the ground up pig's heart in it'.

Enjoy, F-C, Enjoy!

Five-Centres said...

Ground pig's heart, you say. Oh well, I've eaten worse.

Not Pinball Wizard, Neverending Song Of Love. A corker.

Ishouldbeworking said...
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