Thursday, August 19, 2010

More beautiful plates of food

We haven't talked about Celebrity Masterchef yet.

Are you watching? I'm loving obviously. I really want Lisa Faulkner to win but I think it'll probably be Dick Strawbridge.

So Dick Strawbridge. A good cook, but would you really want to eat anything he'd prepared. Chances are it would have brushed against that hideous 'tache and there may well be wiry little hairs in your posset. It's most off-putting, like David Crosby doing the dinner. That, and that he's constantly sweating all over the place really puts me off, though I liked the look of his poached quince very much. I've not seen a quince in real life, only the cheese version, and so it came as a surprise. He grows all his own food, has a farm and is by all accounts a great cook. But if he asked for supper, I'd have to decline.

Lisa Faulkner looks on the verge of tears. When I saw her at a Sky Xmas do she was filming this and was very stressed. I can see why. Last night's dinner at the Taittinger estate piled on the pressure. She didn't cry, but it was touch and go. If she wins there's no point opening a restaurant - she'll never cope.

I've warmed hugely to Christine Hamilton, but she's a bit suburban dinner party so she won't win. She seems quite jolly and she's a real keep calm and carry on person, if I may be permitted to add to the overuse of that phrase. She's capable and turns out good stuff, but it's between Dick and Lisa. And she always wears the same fleur de lys earrings. I wondered if they might be hearing aids?

Your thoughts please.


Cocktails said...

Although I have a terrible addiction to the proper Masterchef, I've never really watched the celebrity version. I suspect that this is mostly because I've never heard of any of the celebrities. Dick Strawbridge?

Ishouldbeworking said...

I've only seen this when I've been at the gym, so the sound's been off. I noticed the bloke with the walrus moustache (David Crosby! I never knew!) apparently dripping sweat over some strawberries while I was on the crosstrainer last night, and really wondered if he shouldn't have had a hairnet wrapped round his face. It looks grossly unhygienic.

John Tode was pulling some great faces, so I assume the grub was not up to scratch. And not many of the Moulin Rouge dancers seemed to eat very much, but I imagine they never do.

Five-Centres said...

Those dancers were only ever going to pick, and the portions were huge. I don't know why they did that.

Simon said...

Not seen last night's yet but can't decide who we want to win. As mentioned elsewhere, I'm just pleased Neil went as I found him a bit too up himself.

Matthew Rudd said...

It appears you and I share an opinion about that 'tache, F-C...

I've seen little of Masterchef because I loathe Gregg Wallace, but one thing that has improved is the round that requires John Torode to actually cook something as a demonstration. For too long these guys had been hypercritical without ever showing they could put their money where their (big enough to fit a whole spoon) mouths were. We only had India Fisher's word for it.