Wednesday, August 18, 2010

"Not for those of a nervous disposition"

Last night we did something we've not done for yonks: we went to the theatre.

London's glittering West End was host to Ghost Stories for a what must be described as work's outing. And very enjoyable it was too. It certainly chilled me, and coming from the men behind the League of Gentlemen it's suitably twisted. And if, like me, you're a fan of those Amicus portmanteau horror films of the early Seventies then this is the show for you. Shocks a-plenty as far as I was concerned, though others in our party thought it was unscary tosh, though none the less enjoyable for that.

I'm not a theatre fan per se - it's poky, hot, crowded, expensive and often hard to hear. TV actors on the stage don't know how to project unlike proper actors who've done their time in rep, etc., and I've seen some shockers. I once fell asleep in Artist Descending A Staircase, but then I'd had a few drinks and it was dull.

So not something I do often. People say, you live in London, 'You must go to the theatre constantly', to which I say 'I don't, but at least I know that if I want to, I can'.


John Medd said...

I once saw John Alderton at The Comedy Theatre in something or other; twenty minutes in and he brings a halt to proceedings - he then leans over the front of the front of the stage to the woman in Row B eating crisps very loudly: 'you can do that when you're watching telly, love, but I can't hear myself think up here.'

Five-Centres said...

I've never seen anything like that, John. Last night there were loads of people coughing. So much so, that I thought it was part of the show. It wasn't. It was annoying.

Mondo said...

Sounds entirely my type of thing - but would be wary of going as I'm the usually kiss of death to any London show. The following all finished swiftly after a visit from me..

Judy Garland biog' (1985). Couldn't move for moustaches that night.

Budgie:The musical (1988)

Dr Doolittle (1998)

Five-Centres said...

Why don't you pop along to Mamma Mia! then, Mondo, see what you can do to put a stop to that.

Matthew Rudd said...

Didn't Richard Griffiths do something similar when someone's mobile kept going off??

Bright Ambassador said...

Yes , he said "Do you mind? There are two actors up here working their FUCKING arses off!", in that pompous way that actors do. Hardly 'work', is it? I'd like to see Griffiths do a shift in an A&E, a colliery or the busy dry goods warehouse of one of Britain's leading party foods manufacturers.

I want to go and see that Ghost Stories, it sounds ace. You should read Jeremy Dyson's The Cranes That Build the Cranes, especially if you like Roald Dahl's Tales of the Unexpected or Armchair Thriller.

Ishouldbeworking said...

I'd be quite interested in this, but I HATE going to the theatre. As you say, overpriced, uncomfortable and hot. The only place with seats for people who haven't got three-inch legs and an iron bum is the Barbican. It's great, man.

Five-Centres said...

It's very reminiscent of those types of shows, BA. You'll love it. Thanks for the book recommendation too.