Thursday, September 16, 2010

Did Lesley have a smashing time?

I went to a book launch last night. Only briefly, but it was full of stars both old skool (Cilla Black, Barbara Windsor, Rolf Harris) and not so old (Louis Spence, Roberta Taylor). Most interesting though was the low key appearance of Rita Tushingham.

She's instantly recognisable by her pixie face and that long ash blonde bob she's sported pre-Bread. I didn't speak to her, but I was hovering with intent armed with Straight On Til Morning, Smashing Time and of course, A Taste Of Honey. In fact I didn't speak to any of the celebs in attendance last night except the host. I can never think of a thing to say. Unless you're forcibly sitting down with them they don't really want to talk to journalists, unless you have history. I think it's my problem, as colleagues don't seem to have any difficulty at all. Me, my mind goes blank.

Sometimes it's better just to look. One thing we did see on the way out was light opera buffoon Lesley Garrett being told she wasn't on the list. She smiled grittedly, but was clearly mortified, but the girl on the door clearly had no idea who she was. It was too embarrassing to watch so we left. They hate it when they're recognised by even more so when they're not.

A breed apart.


Ishouldbeworking said...

I'd be in awe of Rita Tushingham. Did you see that ancient short film on Shelagh Delaney that was shown the other night as part of the 'North' season? What an amazingly self-posessed and confident young woman she was. And how perfect Rita T was for that part.

Five-Centres said...

No I didn't, but I'm hoping it's going to be shown again. Most things on BBC4 are.

Suzy Norman said...

It's on iPlayer F-C. Do watch it, it was lovely.