Friday, September 17, 2010

Glass-topped coffee tables

What do all the following have in common?

Trevor Eve
Joan Armatrading
Imogen Stubbs
Valerie Singleton
Juliet Morris
Pam St Clement
Jennie Bond
Richard Gere
Jerome Flynn

That's right. They all have unsubstantiated stories attached to them.

We won't be telling the stories, obviously, but can you think of others who fall into this bracket?


Chris Hughes said...

Mick Hucknall, of course.

I can't believe Moira Stuart has never been filed under this category, mind.

Also, didn't you once tell me a fantastic story about Angela Rippon?

Matthew Rudd said...

Sue Lawley, Chris Evans, Stevie Nicks...

Like Chris, I associate you with weapons-grade celeb gossip. The one I enjoyed in particular concerned Eileen Derbyshire.

Clair said...

You missed out Jimmy Savile! There's also Rolf Harris, Joanna Lumley, Paul Ross, Stevie Nicks, The Duke of Westminster and a million footballers. The list is endless.

Five-Centres said...

I asked a very close source to Eileen about this and she laughed like a drain. It's not true, sadly!

Matthew Rudd said...

Bah! I've spent every episode of Corrie looking for it since you first told me!

redscharlach said...

Isn't Una Stubbs linked with the same coffee-table scenario? Or was it Nanette Newman? Or both of them?

*scrubs mental images away with Fairy Liquid*

Mondo said...

Cliff Richard/Cilla Black (same one for both)..

Marc Almond/Rod Stewart (same one for both)..

Philip Schofield, Hilary Clinton, Old school ITN newsreaders,

There's a Lou Reed Glass-topped coffee tables story in here, but he's under rather than over.

Bright Ambassador said...

I think Noddy Holder admitted in his book that when they used to play in Hamburg in the 60s, a promoter paid the band to poo on the coffee table while he enjoyed the view from underneath.

Matthew Rudd said...

Nanette Newman certainly leaps to mind, though to me, not for coffee table related reasons...

Five-Centres said...

All those coffee table stories - they can't all be at it, but at least one of them must have.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Kevin Keegan (not furniture related).

Louis Barfe said...

Hank Marvin was the original lead in the coffee table saga, as I heard it 20-odd years ago. Meanwhile, no mention of Debbie McGee?

I heard recently, that the real-life heist behind the 2008 film The Bank Job concerned compromising pictures of a former British Prime Minister and a major movie actor.