Thursday, December 16, 2010

Nobody's Diary

It's been weeks since my last blog. I've been so busy. So today, by way of a catch up, we are going day by day over the past few dayss to see what I've been up to, should you care.

December 9: The company Christmas do. For some, the highlight of the year, a day when they can really go do town and let their hair down. For others, a living hell that involves fancy dress. This year's theme: circus. Guess which camp I was in.

December 10: A day off that involved a longer lie-in than I've had in years and copious amounts of Christmas shopping. In the evening, to a swanky Kensington eaterie with my brother and wife for a slap up birthday lunch.

December 11: If my grandmother were alive today, she'd be 102. Anyhoo, more Christmas shopping and collapsing in front of the X Factor. Put up Christmas tree to soundtrack of Christmas greats, like Perry Como's Christmas Dream, Stop The Cavalry and of course In Dulce Jubilo, which is just ideal for throwing garlands at your tree to.

December 12: A lesbian's birthday, which took up the whole day and was held in a private club with lots of miniscule rooms which rather broke up the party. And because I'd put my back out pulling my boots on, I was not in the mood.

December 13: Another day off. More Christmas shopping fighting crowds of Italians and old dowagers in Fortnum & Mason just to get my hands on their English creams. I like a fondant.

December 14: Rode a dapple mare. Not really. Work, then a very Christmassy double bill of Home Alone/Home Alone 2 (at home, but not alone).

December 15: To the rather bleak funeral of an elderly journalist at a crematorium opposite St George's Hospital in atrocious weather. My feet were like ice. Shared a taxi to the wake with Gary Webster and Ingrid Tarrant. Bleak, right? And the death was a suicide, which made it all doubly awful. Then, thankfully, to the ITV Christmas do which was just the ticket. Bit hungover today.

And here we are, looking forward to tonight's next round of drinks, and so it goes on. Not too exhuasted yet. And you?

So this is probably it from me until the New Year. A very happy festive season to you and thanks for keeping the faith. I love you all. 


Mondo said...

Love it 'lesbian's birthday, dowagers and English creams' it's like Carry on Christmas..

If you get the chance try and stop by over at mine tail end of next week , for the final instalment of Dear Diary if I can revive my scanner that is (you'll love a couple of the Youtube clips), and the Ghost of Christmas Pop..

If not, a swinging Christmas and a rocking new year to you and Mrs FC..

office pest said...

It's all work, work, work with me, set to carry on through Christmas and New Year as well.

Have a great Christmas break F-C.


Bright Ambassador said...

I found out the other week, via Elaine Paige's Show Choons slot on the radio that Christmas Dream was written by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber for the soundtrack of The Odessa File. Every day's a schoolday, isn't it?

Happy Christmas.

Five-Centres said...

I did know that BA, and the YouTube clip of it is great, as it's the opening credits to the film.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Circuses and suicides - just about sums Christmas up.

Have a good break - and may the tramp of Christmas Peace vomit the meths of Universal Brotherly Love all over your shoes. Amen.

Helen said...

Glad you're still blogging. Happy holidays and frugging!