Wednesday, January 05, 2011

New Year, New You

Hello. We're Santander.

Probably the most annoying line ever spoken in an advert, but new year, new me so we'll let it pass. Happy 2011 everyone.

I know it seems like yonks ago now, but did you enjoy your Christmas? This year was spent with my side of the family for a change, the first time my brother and I have had Christmas day together in eight years and the first I'd ever spent with his children ever. Luckily we weren't all cramped into his well-appointed yet not quite big enough London flatlet, but in the middle of nowhere at a country hotel near Bath (yes, that's it in the picture).

It was like something out of Agatha Christie. Or Rosamund Pilcher.

Full of county types, gentleman farmers, old farts and Ann Widdecombe-ish old trouts, it was nonetheless the most Christmassy Christmas ever, with snow blanketing the entire area as far as the eye could see, wood-panelled libraries in which to take tea and play boardgames, roaring log fires to drink rich red wine in front of, treasure hunts, high teas, stockings bulging with gifts left on your bed, midday sherry receptions, black tie dinners, a visit from Santa in a horse-drawn carriage - it's everything Christmas should be. And the service was wonderful.

I won't lie though; I was dreading it. As much as I love my family I've not spent more than a night with them in about 20 years and we can all get on each other's wick at the drop of a hat. But because you could please yourself (there was a great spa and swimming was compulsory at least twice a day) we weren't on top of each other. The kids are young enough to have loved it and get really excited about Christmas which really made it something to remember. I'd do it again.

So what a good end to a quite horrible year. Of course come New Year's Eve were were spark out on the sofa before midnight. But hey, I'm tired. Hope your year pans out as you would wish.

Tomorrow: Romeo Beckham, style icon


Anonymous said...

Playing boardgames in a wood-panelled library is exactly how I'd imagine you to spend Christmas, FC. Possibly wearing a chunky fair-isle jumper, and with a decanter of brandy on standby.

Happy new year!

Helen said...

Happy fruggin' New Year to you!

Five-Centres said...

Indeed RS, that is how I picture myself. Like the decanter too. I am Ken Masters.

Did you get my Christmas card Hels?

Matthew Rudd said...

Sounds just like those comic dream sequences in the Christmas edition of Men Behaving Badly. Idyllic!

Happy new year, F-C.

Simon said...

Welcome back and happy new year. Sounds like an excellent Christmas which I will suggest to my lot as an option.

Five-Centres said...

It must be done Simon. I thought I'd hate it, but I'd happily to it all over again.

Helen said...

Yes, I did thanks and sorry for the lack of mine.
Your Christmas sounds great, I'm a tiny but jealous, the family were all ill apart from me

TimT said...

Is that Lucknam Park? We went there for my birthday when I was first going out with Mrs T. I can imagine it would be lovely at Christmas.

Five-Centres said...

Indeed it is, TT.

Ishouldbeworking said...

I'm genuinely jealous. In a wistful rather than resentful way, you understand.