Monday, September 17, 2007

F-C: A Life In A Day (Part 1)

Someone inexplicably asked me for this. So here goes:

We awake officially at 6.45. Unofficially we're awoken by a frisky cat who's hungry for her breakfast. So really we're actually awake by 6.45.

So, depending on whose turn it is to feed her, it's downstairs to throw a few Iams in a bowl, pop Sarah Kennedy on while I make the tea. She's irritating, haughty, but at that time of the morning there's something strangely comforting about her as she editorialises her way through the papers.

With teas in hand, it's back to bed until 8am. BBC Breakfast until 7.30 - at the moment I'm finding Sian is getting on my nerves, and then Everybody Loves Raymond on C4. I like this show, but it was better when Just Shoot Me as in the spot, and while Big Brother was on, Frasier was on at 7am, so all habits changed. Basically, we watch whatever comedy is on C4 at that time. We did not watch Big Brother.

Up at 8 then. An Activia cherry yoghurt for me (though it's peach this week) soundtracked by Wake Up With Wogan, while Mrs F-C oblutes. Then we swap over and she smokes a fag while I'm in the shower. She will not eat breakfast. Unless I make it.

It's nice to have no rush in the mornings and we leave anytime before 9am. If I'm not out that night, I drop Mrs F-C at her work in Central London. 'But what about the Congestion Charge!' you cry. Well, we struck a deal. If she wants a lift, she has to pay it. It works like a charm. As I work in Camden I would have to go right around the houses to avoid the charge and it's so much simpler to just go through it. Of course she doesn't know that.

If I'm going out, then I leave the car at home. It's the bus to Vauxhall tube, change at Euston and one stop to Camden Town, where I hopscotch my way up the high road to avoid sick, shit, needles, blood, old burger buns and piss, all to the soundtrack of the F-C ipod.

I'm breezily at my desk by about 9.15 to 9.30, whether I'm driving or not, merrily deleting the 800,000 Viagra emails that have poppd into my in-box.

And then works begins.


Clair said...

Just like the home life of our own dear Queen...

chris said...

It's always good to know how our heroes live their lives.

TimT said...

Presumably part 2, covering 9.30 to 5.30, will consist entirely of you reading other people's blogs and posting comments, then writing your own blog, checking it for comments and posting replies, then checking all the other blogs again to see if anyone's commented on your comments, etc, etc... ;-)

Five-Centres said...

That's about the size of it TT.

But it couldn't possibly be more dull than what I've already written.

Bright Ambassador said...

The joy of not starting work at 5am these days means I don't have to listen to Sarah Kennedy. I wish she'd hurry up and retire. Or drink herself into an early grave.

Planet Mondo said...

I had posting of mine from the R2 forums quoted anonymously in the Times Online when SK had her recent mid air meltdown "Very odd slurring, struggling to finish longer words, grammatical errors. Her whole scan seemed to be wobbly," said one. That one was me. I felt a bit bad about it actually as she was bounced a couple of days later.

Five-Centres said...

But I notice she wasn't on this morning. Something's up.