Friday, September 14, 2007

The new me

I was thinking of changing my name. Not my real name, but the name of this blog. I'm fretting about too many people too close to me knowing about it. No one at work knows, and I'd rather it stayed that way. But someone told me they'd overheard someone I know talking about it to a friend of mine. How does she know? If you're reading this, H, how do you know? And can you keep it to yourself!

Anyway, thoughts: House Of Bamboo? The Polly Brown Barmy Army? A Salty Dog?

Any suggestions, or should I stick with Five-Centres, which itself is meaningless, just named after my favourite chocolate bar from yesteryear.


Ian S said...

"Random Confectionery"

I like that, anyway.

TV Cream's Anatomy of Cinema said...

Hang about, do you want a new name for your blog, or a new alias for yourself? 'The Snug of the Jolly Sailor' would be an ideal blog name, but then you couldn't call yourself that.

If you want an alternate name, I'd suggest picking a character from thriller. 'Jack Hardesty' has a nice ring to it.

Or maybe just 'Brusque Miscellany'.

FeedbackReport said...

"Who Is This Clown?"

(Although 'Brusque Miscellany' is also a great name)

CCB said...

Stop me if I'm missing something, but if you want to change the name of the blog so certain people can't find it because they won't know the new name, doesn't discussing what the new name might be defeat the purpose somewhat?

Five-Centres said...

Well, yes CCB, you've got a point. I'd not thought of that. I suppose I could just change it, but then those who already have it bookmarked would be able to find it anyway, so no mysteries at all.

I might just change it for the hell of it.

I'm liking Brusque Miscellany.

A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

What you need to ask yourself about Brusque Miscellany is, can you handle people referring to you as Mr BM, or just BM, without thinking of the word "bum"?

TimT said...

You could always run your real name through some of those name generators and see what comes up. You know the sort of thing - 'what's your porn/Brazilian footballer/spy/1920s name'. There are loads of name generators at

Five-Centres said...

Thanks TT, just done some of those:

Average American name; Donald Adams
Irish: Myles Fitzgerald
Androgynous: Val Quail
Hippy: Coyote
Drag queen: Sofonda Dildos
Russian: Rurik Ivanhoe Solovynov
Old fashioned: Jerome Hakebourne
50s: Barry Victor
20s: Ardell Farris
Japanese: Kanaye Yamaguchi
Brazilian: Gustavo Ribeiro
French: Andre Lalane

I like Ardell Farris or Val Quail.

TimT said...

Personally, I can see you as Jerome Hakebourne.

Sofonda Dildos has to be a character in an Austen Powers film, if they haven't used it already.

Valentine Suicide said...

I was thinking along the same lines recently 5C and decided against beacuse it's linked in various places. I know my handle is utterly ridiculous (it stems from a 'what would you call yourself...?' conversation me and three other 17 year old sad goths had in 1983)and when I registered I had no intention of actually writing a blog. But as someone says to me at least once a day, "We are where we are..".

I think 'Rex Kramer' would suit you if you decide to change.

Gwen said...

The chappie in the picture in your blog looks like he might be called Rex Kramer.

Rex Kramer, roving reporter has a certain ring to it. That is assuming that you are a roving reporter.

Sky Clearbrook said...

How about adopting the name of a fictional character? Neville Thumbcatch and Laverne DeFazio are particular favourites of mine.

Five-Centres said...

Val's right - too many links. So I'm staying as I am. I do that the Neville Thumbcatch song though, Sky.