Monday, September 17, 2007

Talk to me

There's always a great debate raging over at The Urban Woo. We don't really get that here do we? Probably because Clair's always got something sensible and topical to say (she's great company on a night out), whereas (let's face it) this blog is inconsequential fluff about Activia yoghurts, the hits of 1971 and Ant and Dec.

So, it's high time we had a heated debate. What shall we talk about?

Choose from the following:

1. Wool - itchy nightmare or cosy as hell?

2. David Cameron - spoon-faced toff of the year with alright hair, or Britain's next PM?

3. Mojo - still interesting one-stop shop for the rock of yesterday, today or tomorrow, or a past-its-sell-by date dinosaur with leaden features on a) Dylan; b) The Beatles; or c) some ancient bluesman you have no interest in whatsoever.


TimT said...

I'd plump for number 3, as it's the only one I've ever given any thought to. (I'm not sure what that says about me.) I'd be interested to see what you (and others) think, too.

Five-Centres said...

I now find there's so little in Mojo I want to read about. Everytime I the new one comes through the door I feel my heart sink. Always something on the Beatles (though actually the Ringo Starr piece this month is quite interesting), the reviews are deadly, the design is dull, the covers are boring and there's really not that much for me anymore. The Word has usurped it in my affections.

TimT said...

I agree that the magazine has got a bit tired (though I like features about old bluesmen), and it's badly in need of a revamp. I still read most of the features, though, and the writing is usually good enough to sustain my interest.

They could certainly do with exploring a few different topics - the 50 Greatest Rolling Stones songs last month was dire. Who cares what some 21-year-old from this month's flash in the pan thinks about Ruby Tuesday? But occasionally they do surprise; there was a feature on the New Wave of British Heavy Metal recently that I found fascinating, even though I'd never heard most of the music they were talking about.

I don't notice the covers (but that's true of most magazines), but I think the design's okay. The reviews? Well, they're okay too, though I skip about 80% of them because I haven't heard of the acts they're reviewing. I used to like it in the early days when they only reviewed about 10 albums a month, but in more depth.

So to sum up (m'lud), I too think The Word is a superior magazine, but I haven't given up on Mojo just yet.

Clair said...

Oh don't worry, you're soon going to get more boring information on what I did at the weekend over on my page, plus the delightful subject of trying to move house. Mmm...betcha can't wait.

Ishouldbeworking said...

Mojo - what a moribund, reactionary, unattractive and repetitive publication. Waiting at the dentist's a couple of weeks ago I chose a copy of 'Vanity Fair' over the most recent issue of Mojo, and that's saying something.

I hate Mojo.

Wool - the worst is angora. You buy it thinking it'll make you look winsome and meltingly feminine, then it molts itself all over your furniture, pets, husband, bedding, and other clothes. Those immaculate black crepe trousers you paid a fortune for are ruined by a million fluffy green tufts from that bastard angora cardigan you placed next to them in your wardrobe.

I hate wool.

marmiteboy said...

Mojo definitely. I used to buy it regularly but got pissed off with it managing to spoon in a reference to The Beatles every bloody issue.

Past its sell by date if you ask me. And not particularly relevant.

Badger Madge said...

1) wool is horrible and itchy
2) he will rule the world one day. and it will be comedy.
3) i don't read mojo. never have.