Tuesday, May 27, 2008

This is the modern world

While the weekend may have been a washout for us southerners, there was one nice day. Saturday was warm, and on that day we went to a wedding. It was a new experience for us as it was a gay wedding. A civil partnership.

It's two guys we've known for ages, who've been together forever. But while they're not the only gay couple we know of either sex, they are the first to take the plunge. Mrs F-C and I were quite excited about it.

It was held in a 'space' near the Tate Modern, about 60 people, stark white walls and lovely flowers, all very wedding-y. As we surveyed the rows of chairs, it suddenly hit us - which side do we sit on - groom or groom? Will one of them or both be given away by anyone? Who waits at the altar for who? Will they say ' I know pronounce you man and man'? or 'you may now kiss the bride'?.

All these questions were soon answered, as they both came (rather awkwardly) up the aisle together. The ceremony was brief but tender, and I spent the whole of it marvelling at how modern it all is, and how 10 years ago or even five would have imagined such a thing. They were pronounced life-long partners. And you could sit where you liked.

The father of one of the grooms gave a speech, and it was all so nice that both families have been so accepting. But then what else could you hope for in life than for your children to be happy, a sentiment echoed in the speeches. When I told my mum about it she asked if one of them wore a wedding dress! When I explained they wore blue and brown suits, she sounded rather surprised. I think she was expecting Honky Tonks and Mr Humphries being joined in holy matrimony. She's got a way to go, bless her.

So all in all, an interesting day. We danced til three. Spent Sunday feeling like death.

But isn't it great we've all moved on.


Roman Empress said...

We went to a civil partnership do in Plateau rezzo recently although we weren't there for the actual ceremony. Champagne on tap ensured early hours dancing fuellage and the 'first dance' made me blink back the tears as at any other wedding.

Ishouldbeworking said...

One of the warmest, happiest and most moving ceremonies I've ever been to was a civil partnership. I agree with you that the fact we've actually got this far - imagine the prospect even ten years ago - helps make them extra special.

Misery Guts said...

From my one and only lesbian civil partnership I have concluded that lesbians just can't dance, even something as simple as The Slosh!