Thursday, July 17, 2008


I've got the day off tomorrow. Fascinatingly, I've changed my broadband provider so tomorrow's the day it all gets installed, plus the cat is due her booster jabs. So it's a day filled with fun and laughter.

That said, I shall come to gradually, dispatching Mrs F-C down to the kitchen to bring up steaming mugs of tea, and doze gently, vaguely aware of her banging out of F-C Towers and eventually propping myself up for Frasier. But the joy endeth there, really as the bloke's due at 9.30am.

So next time I blog from home, which is rare, actually, I can do it superfast. Why are you changing your broadband provider, F-C?, I don't hear you chorus. Well, it's because I got an offer through work to get it for free, so that, along with a Tiscali PVR and movies on-demand was too good to turn down, even if it has been a faff binning off Orange. And it means a day off.

So interesting as all that is, what I'm really hoping to do tomorrow once it's all sorted is work on my playlist for an awards ceremony aftershow do to be held in a few week's time. It's the second year I've done the music (through an ipod, so no fiddling about) and last year it was SUCH a success they asked me to do it again this year.

I've been agonsising over it for a while now, and I've gone much smaller on the bosser nova this year and bigger on the pyschedelia, gone a bit French (Gainsbourg of course), a bit Throbbing Gristle, a bit Sixties funk (Temptations' Ball Of Confusion, Supremes' Reflections, R Dean Taylor's There's A Ghost In My House) and thrown in the odd curveball (Best Friend's Girl by The Cars - does that jar?). I need something a bit fairytale-y, without being too twee or overly folky. You know, in the deep woods. I'm toying with the Ian Jones-endorsed Fleet Foxes.

So far I've thrown in some Tull, some Pentangle and even some Wicker Man soundtrack already, so that'll really do on the folk front. It melts beautifully into the likes of Syd Barrett, Old Man Willow by Elephant's Memory (from the party scene in Midnight Cowboy, film fans, and also He Quit Me from the same album. Probably the best film soundtrack ever and my favourite) and Venus in Furs, etc., but all suggestions would be welcome from those in the know.



Matthew Rudd said...

You should try taking a cat to the vet for a booster on the same day as you take two dogs there. It's an experience and a half.

Planet Mondo said...

It sounds like you've got your comp' sorted, but may be worth squeezing in Mother Earth Jesse, it's Acid Jazz but with a folky feel. (scroll down to find the link).
Menino by Patricia Marx it's Latin based but not heavily, just light, politely funky and always a winner.

Perhaps John Martyn tracks Stormbringer, Don't Want to Know or Minnie Ripperton Take A Little Trip

And there's a few nuggets worth grabbing on this and this

Cocktails said...

I second Fleet Foxes. Fantastic stuff.

A Kitten in a Brandy Glass said...

It is to be hoped that all your chosen tracks will shortly be available on a compilation album, possibly entitled Music To Make Desultory Small Talk With David Tennant To.

Clair said...

LOL, Kitten, LOL....

office pest said...

What about a bit of Kate Bush? You never hear her played but I think 'Running Up That Hill' is quite as good as some other more popular tracks like 'Solsbury Hill'. I know there's a title connection there as well as an artist connection, but they're both good. Maybe some classic Genesis, to follow on the Gabriel theme?
Enjoy your day off anyway F-C.

Ishouldbeworking said...

You may like a track from Portishead's 'Third' album called 'The Rip' - it was used over some fantastic aerial shots in the closing sequence of the Tour de France coverage earlier in the weeks. Very dreamy and trippy, would sit well in a comp. Have fun.