Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Hello! Hello! He's Back Again

I see Gary Glitter's been released and could be heading back this way. He looks so vile, that horrid little white beard and those beady eyes. If you were going to make up an international paedophile, he would be it.

Britain may be his home, but why on earth would he want to come back here? He wouldn't get a minute's peace. Stay away, GG, and don't bother to come back. We don't want you. You give us the creeps.

Shame, cos I Didn't Know I Loved You Til I Saw You Rock n' Roll is a top song. I'd rather think of you wrapped in Bacofoil and pickled in the early '70s than now. So don't shatter our illusions. Do us all a favour and disappear.

On a lighter note, here's some songs currently all the rage on the FC ipod. I've not done this for ages, so here they are, preseneted through the medium of lazy YouTube embeds.

Tommy Boyce & Bobby Hart/I Wonder What She's Doing Tonight. A nice slice of bubblegum from 67.

Now here's Alive & Kicking with their 1970 hit Tighter And Tighter

Cilla's grooviest moment. Love of The Loved. Her first hit, too:

Here's Mercy, for those summer days that never come. Love (Can Make You Happy):

From The Prime Of Miss Jean Brodie, it's Good Morning Starshine hitmaker Oliver and Jean:



Clair said...

I bet The Glitter Band are gutted - even their solo stuff doesn't get airplay because of assocation. Let's Get Together Again and Goodbye My Love are still aces.

Five-Centres said...

They are, and they're barely related. The Tears I Cried is my personal favourite.

Cluracan said...

I was never much of a Glam rock fan myself, so don't miss the music not getting airplay, but it's a shame we can't just shut the door on the deviant and not let him back

Ishouldbeworking said...

I was idly wondering if it could be arranged for him to be pushed from a plane somewhere over Laos. But I'm sure he'll turn up back here, whining about being 'persecuted' and 'misunderstood'. I hope he DOESN'T get a moment's peace, ever again. He doesn't deserve one.

And yes, it's a shame about the tunes, forever tainted.

Planet Mondo said...

I saw him live twice in the 80s both incredible shows - and 'Always Yours' is an overlooked under played Glitter goodie.

Actually I think he should come back here to be registered and monitored rather than perving all over the world

PS thanks for your comments on the blog last week

Matthew Rudd said...

I played the Glitter Band regularly on the 70s Show - Angel Face is my favourite. But not Gary Glitter himself. I can't think the last time I heard one of his records.

Five-Centres said...

It's unlikely we'll ever hear his oeuvre on the radio again, though in the US Rock N Roll Pt 2 is played at just about every football game or hockey game or one of those.

rockmother said...

The thing that worried me is that he is talking about settling in Devon which has more paedophiles per capita than in any other area in the country apparently. Hardly a coincidence I fear. It is such a shame - I used to love Gary Glitter - Rock and Roll Part One is a classic but a bit like Michael Jackson's music - I find it hard to play now. Yes yes I know Jackson wasn't convicted but neither was OJ Simpson....despite being guilty as fuck! We don't want Gary here - and the monitoring system is crap. So send him somewhere else - Guatanemo would be good - he could wear a sequinned orange jumpsuit.

LF Barfe said...

I'm not sure what the problem with him coming back to Britain is. He'll be watched like a hawk and have the proverbial ton of bricks dropped on him the moment he tries something untoward. I'd almost suggest that children will be safer in his presence than with most other adults.