Thursday, December 04, 2008

It's Snow Joke

Is snow news?

I only ask because GMTV (naturally) led with it as their main story this morning. That's the second time this week.

It's only snow! We're not crippled by 15ft drifts with Britain's infrastructure grinding to a halt. That's never going to happen here.

Today was different though, as there really wasn't much to speak of. Both GMTV and BBC Breakfast had people stationed in what they hoped would be heavy snow areas and there was little more than sleet.

Which proves, this is not news.

On another note, Missing You by John Waite popped up on the ipod this morning, and I heard things in it I've never heard before.

Is this because when we were hearing these songs 20 or so years ago we heard them on medium wave radio, so all nuances were lost?

It must be the case.


Clair said...

Don't talk about that song...*sniff*

But I am fed up with weather talk, too

Planet Mondo said...

Don't the cosy local BBC radio stations love a bit of snow - our one BBC Essex, literally fires up the 'snowline' as soon as the first flake falls, we get barely an inch which turns to slush half hour later - but gets reported like a an international aid appeal

I've got some Canadian mates who have to dig daily from their door to the car, they were speechless at the way our infrasture collapses over a light frosting

LF Barfe said...

I can just hear Steve Scruton rubbing his hands together with glee at the first flakes from the sky, PM. "That's this afternoon's phone-in sorted," he chuckles.

Planet Mondo said...

You've nailed it LB - are you as hopelessly addicted to Local Radio as I am? It's like Werthers FM

LF Barfe said...

I love local radio, PM, and BBC Essex is uber-Werthers. My station of choice is BBC Radio Norfolk, which defies most of the local radio caricatures, despite emanating from Norwich. Stephen Bumfrey is a superb breakfast host - very funny, but also able to handle serious stories if he has to. The only problem for me is the music.